• Memo To Congress: French Riots Show Why U.S. Carbon Tax Should Be A Non-Starter

    • Date: 04/12/18
    • Editorial, Investors Business Daily

    The U.S. shouldn’t travel down France’s road. Americans aren’t stupid. They won’t accept a massive new tax to prevent a threat they don’t really believe in. They call themselves the “Gilets Jaunes,” or yellow vests, in French. They’re mostly young, male and extremely angry, and they’ve been marching in the streets and rioting in Paris […]

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  • The Global Carbon Tax Revolt

    • Date: 04/12/18
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    After decades of global conferences, forests of reports, dire television documentaries, celebrity appeals, school-curriculum overhauls and media bludgeoning, voters don’t believe that climate change justifies policies that would raise their cost of living and hurt the economy.   France’s violent Yellow Vest protests are now about many domestic concerns, but it’s no accident that the […]

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  • Editorial: UN Should Sober Up — There Is No Consensus On The Threat Of Climate Catastrophe

    • Date: 03/12/18
    • Editorial, The Manila Times

    As things stand today, there is clearly no global consensus on a climate catastrophe, or on the way the world should tackle it. We think the UN should sober up. It is its responsibility to review its climate agenda and change the message. If by the end of the Katowice summit on December 14, there is […]

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  • The Riots Over Macron’s Global Warming Tax May End His Career

    • Date: 02/12/18
    • Paul Bonicelli, The Federalist

    The public reaction to French President Emmanuel Macron’s carbon tax increase that caused this weekend’s protests is making him even less popular and represents a profound challenge to Macron’s future. Count me among the disappointed about Emmanuel Macron. I listened closely to his 2016 campaign rhetoric and promises to return France to greatness. You might […]

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  • The Climate Change Act: Ten Years of Punishing the Poor

    • Date: 30/11/18
    • Harry Wilkinson, The Conservative Woman

    A decade has passed since MPs voted to approve the Climate Change Act in a self-congratulatory fervour. Britain, they said, was leading the world. The pompous conceit of our leading politicians is truly world-beating, but their obliviousness to consequences has allowed one of the largest ever transfers of wealth from poor to rich, and has seen […]

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  • The Paris Discord: Not In My Wallet

    • Date: 29/11/18
    • Abe Greenwald, Commentary

    But the fact that these massive demonstrations happened at all— that they involved some 283,000 protestors — shows how little anyone really worries about climate change. Global-warming activists predicted that Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change would claim innocent lives. Trump pulled out over a year ago, and the death toll from the […]

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  • Holman Jenkins: Even If Alarmists Were Right, Global Warming Is Affordable

    • Date: 29/11/18
    • Holman W Jenkins, The Wall Street Journal

    A new climate assessment allows us to think about good policy without panicking. Even if the U.S. economy grew at a meager 1.6% over the next 72 years, we’d still be three times as rich by 2090, with a GDP of $61 trillion. You may recall the young Democratic National Committee staffer who, after the 2016 […]

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  • Joe Oliver: Climate Alarmists Seriously Harm The Economy

    • Date: 27/11/18
    • Joe Oliver, Toronto Sun

    Canada’s energy industry is in crisis mode. Our economy stands to lose over $45 billion annually due to the massive discount at which we sell oil to the U.S. because governments and environmental activists have blocked the construction of pipelines to tidewater. Their opposition is based on a profound belief that we must rapidly reduce […]

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