• How The Media Corrupted Climate Policy

    • Date: 07/07/19
    • Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., The Wall Street Journal

    The US administration is right: Worst-case scenarios shouldn’t dominate the debate It’s hard to credit people who say they care about climate change when they don’t bother to know anything about the subject. Or when they applaud proposals that would be extraordinarily expensive yet have no effect on the alleged problem and can only teach […]

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  • Ruth Lea: Kyoto, Paris & A Total Failure To Cut CO2

    • Date: 06/07/19
    • Ruth Lea, The Conservative Woman

    Like its precursor, the Paris Agreement’s objective of ‘combating climate change’ is doomed to failure. In a recent note for The Conservative Woman, I described the UK’s all-but unilateral zero emissions target as ‘futile gesture politics’. In this piece I discuss the main international (UN) initiatives to ‘control’ climate change by curbing CO2 emissions, concluding that […]

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  • Australia’s Most Eminent Historian Challenges Climate Change Orthodoxy

    • Date: 05/07/19
    • The Sydney Morning Herald

    Australia’s best-known historian, Professor Geoffrey Blainey, has challenged the idea that the current level of climate change is either unique or largely the result of human behaviour. While agreeing the Earth was experiencing a warming period which had been under way for several decades, he said this in no way compared with much greater climate […]

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  • This Immoral Policy to Put Green Energy Before the World’s Poorest People

    • Date: 03/07/19
    • Harry Wilkinson, The Conservative Woman

    Food, health, transport, energy, life itself: supported only if to do so helps ‘tackle climate change’. Is there a more heartless and counterproductive attitude? In the last wretched days of her premiership, Theresa May has announced her worst policy yet. No, I am not talking about her decision to rush through a £1trillion ‘Net Zero’ […]

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  • Ruth Lea: Global Warming – The UK’s Expensive And Futile Gesture Politics

    • Date: 02/07/19
    • Ruth Lea, The Conservative Woman

    The UK’s zeal in clamping down on domestic CO2 emissions merely risks the raising of electricity prices, damaging UK industry’s international competitiveness and transferring economic activity from the UK to overseas exporters. Much has already been written on the Government’s recentcommitment to a ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target by 2050 following the Committee on […]

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  • Peter Schwartz: Science as Political Orthodoxy

    • Date: 30/06/19
    • Peter Schwartz, Real Clear Politics

    There is an intellectual orthodoxy being imposed by the left, abetted by much of the news media. Certain viewpoints are forbidden — not simply regarded as wrong, but not permitted to be considered. We can observe this attitude at our colleges, where speakers who challenge leftist premises have been forcibly silenced. But it is most […]

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  • Sanjeev Sabhlok: Why India Should Ignore Climate Alarmism

    • Date: 29/06/19
    • Sanjeev Sabhlok, Times of India

    The problem with climate “science” is that the data – which are telling us to relax – fly in the face of the strong tendency of its advocates to bully us into a panic. We are asked to drop all common sense and to accept that CO2 – a monumentally insignificant fraction of the air […]

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  • Natascha Engel: Net-Zero Carbon Target Is Reckless And Unrealistic

    • Date: 28/06/19
    • Natascha Engel, The Times

    As Theresa May takes to the G20 stage in Japan to urge her fellow leaders to follow the UK’s moral leadership on climate change, she should hope that their parting gift is, politely, to ignore her. As impressive as the target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 sounds, other countries will recognise the capacity it […]

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