• Oil In Freefall As Saudis Slash Prices In All-Out Crude War

    • Date: 09/03/20
    • Bloomberg

    Oil markets crashed more than 30% after the disintegration of the OPEC+ alliance triggered an all-out price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia that is likely to have sweeping political and economic consequences. Brent futures suffered the second-largest decline on record in the opening seconds of trading in Asia, behind only the plunge during the […]

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  • EU Risks A Green Deal Backlash

    • Date: 04/03/20
    • Financial Times

    There is a good chance that Poland and other countries might resist this “very aggressive” proposal Wherever Greta Thunberg goes, the media circus tends to follow. So the fact that she is in Brussels on Wednesday, as the EU unveils the first stages of its green deal climate law, will undoubtedly deliver some eye-catching soundbites.  The […]

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  • Neo-Nazis Go Green (Again)

    • Date: 01/03/20
    • Beth Gardiner, The New York Times

    Why is the far right suddenly paying attention to climate change? As an environmental journalist, I’ve been covering the frightening acceleration of climate change for more than a decade. As a person who believes in the tenets of liberal democracy, I’ve watched the rise of white-supremacist, anti-immigrant and nationalistic ideologies with similar dread over the […]

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  • China And India To Build 320 New Airports In Next 10 Years

    • Date: 28/02/20
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    Nobody outside Europe’s green bubble really cares about the UK’s apparent decision to stop building new runways. This has nothing to do with the Paris Agreement, of course. China and India are both signatories to the accord – yet they are building 320 new airports in the next 10 years. China To Build 216 New […]

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  • German Teenager Naomi Seibt To Challenge Greta Thunberg On Climate Hysteria

    • Date: 26/02/20
    • New York Post

    A 19-year-old German YouTuber is being dubbed the “anti-Greta.” A US think tank with ties to the Trump administration has tapped Naomi Seibt, 19, who touts “climate realism” over “climate alarmism,” to represent its views, according to the Washington Post. “Naomi Seibt vs. Greta Thunberg: whom should we trust?” the Illinois-based conservative and libertarian Heartland Institute […]

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  • European Green Deal Risks Breaking EU Apart

    • Date: 24/02/20
    • EurActiv

    The European Green Deal “will definitely create tensions” inside the EU, and risks pushing “two or three countries” to leave the Union altogether, warns former Romanian President Traian Basescu, saying the real priority in Romania is to build new infrastructure like motorways and exploit natural gas resources from the Black Sea. Traian Băsescu served for […]

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  • Europe’s Anti-Science Plague Descends On Africa

    • Date: 19/02/20
    • European Scientist

    European activists are putting lives at risk in East Africa, turning a plague of insects into a real prospect of widespread famine. The fast-breeding desert locust has invaded Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, creating a state of emergency. The pests recently landed in Djibouti, Eritrea, Oman and Yemen. Swarms have also struck Tanzania and Uganda. They won’t stop on their […]

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  • Top EU Official Warns Child Climate Protesters Suffer From ‘Greta Syndrome’

    • Date: 08/02/20
    • GWPF & EUobserver

    The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell dismissed young climate activists as suffering from “Greta syndrome”, challenging child protesters to say how they would pay for costly climate policies. The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Wednesday referred to the “Greta syndrome” saying that young people across Europe should be aware of the cost […]

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