• Big Blow To Obama As India Delays Paris Ratification Indefinitely

    • Date: 26/06/16
    • Indrani Bagchi, Times of India

    A big outcome of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) failure is that India will now not ratify the Paris Agreement anytime soon. This will be a big blow to the Obama administration which wanted India to ratify the pact so it could enter into force. NEW DELHI: India’s high energy, high profile campaign to get […]

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  • UN Boss: Brexit Means Rewriting Of Paris Climate Agreement

    • Date: 24/06/16
    • James Crisp, EurActiv.com

    A vote for Brexit in the UK referendum on EU membership (23 June) would mean that the COP21 agreement would have to be rewritten, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change said today (22 June) in Brussels. Michael Bloomberg at today’s press conference. UN boss Christiana Figueres stands to the left of […]

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  • Germany’s Roadmap To CO2-Neutrality Delayed Amid Industry Objections

    • Date: 23/06/16
    • Kerstine Appunn, Clean Energy Wire

    Germany’s first roadmap for decarbonisation by the middle of the century has been delayed amid industry fears that tough climate targets would endanger the country’s economic competitiveness and growth. The Environment Ministry in charge of the plan will now use the summer recess to work on reaching a consensus with the economics department over the […]

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  • Elon Musk Gambles His Subsidy Empire On Solar Subsidies

    • Date: 22/06/16
    • Charley Grant and Spencer Jakab, The Wall Street Journal

    Just a day after Tesla boss Elon Musk made the odd boast that one of its cars “floats well enough to turn into a boat,” he did something even odder. Tesla’s bid for solar panel installation firm SolarCity on Tuesday afternoon is the sort of move that, even for the most Panglossian Silicon Valley investor, […]

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  • The Energy Absurdity Of The Paris Climate Agreement

    • Date: 21/06/16
    • Daniel Wetzel, Die Welt

    A Greenpeace study reveals what the feted Paris Climate Agreement implies for the German public. If implemented, Germany will be unrecognizable in a few years. There was much cheering when representatives of 195 nations agreed a new global climate deal in December last year in Paris. Many environmental politicians had tears in their eyes as […]

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  • U.S. Republicans Turn Up Heat In Climate Dissent Probes

    • Date: 20/06/16
    • Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times

    The 17 attorneys general pursuing climate change dissenters for accusations of “fraud” want House Republicans to mind their own business. That’s not going to happen. Seventeen Republicans on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee reasserted their right in a Friday letter to conduct oversight on state investigations that represent a threat to the First […]

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  • If Climate Sceptics Can Be Prosecuted, So Can Climate Alarmists GOP Attorney Generals Warn

    • Date: 17/06/16
    • Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times

    If Democratic attorneys general can pursue climate change skeptics for fraud, then also at risk of prosecution are climate alarmists whose predictions of global doom have failed to materialize. The “cuts both ways” argument was among those raised by 13 Republican attorneys general in a letter urging their Democratic counterparts to stop using their law […]

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  • The Ratification Hurdles Of The Paris Climate Agreement

    • Date: 16/06/16
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    The ratification of the Paris Agreement may take longer than many people think The Paris Agreement was opened for signature at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on  22 April 2016 and will remain open until 21 April 2017, in accordance with Article 20, paragraph 1, of the Paris Agreement. The Agreement shall enter […]

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