• Europe’s Carbon Market Collapses

    • Date: 07/04/20
    • REcharge

    The Covid-19 pandemic has turned Europe’s carbon price upside down, with prices dropping by 40% since early March when they were still trading at about €24 ($26) per metric ton, analyst IHS Markit said. The current trading levels of between €16-18 per metric ton are roughly two thirds of the level of the high of […]

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  • SOS: EU Urged To Put Economic Survival Ahead Of Green Deal

    • Date: 04/04/20
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    As Europe’s economies are in full lockdown, industries facing total collapse are desperately calling on the EU to water down or at least delay costly climate policies. In this crisis it is becoming evident that the Green Deal is an existential threat to Europe’s economies and the wellbeing of the general public rather than a […]

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  • German Car Industry Calls On EU To Drop Tighter CO2 Emission Targets

    • Date: 03/04/20
    • GWPF & Clean Energy Wire & The Local

    The German car industry is calling for stricter EU climate requirements to be overturned or to be delayed as car sales plummet to lowest level in nearly three decades. The German car industry has urged the government to back them in efforts to make the European Union drop a planned tightening of emission limits on […]

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  • Deflated: Pressure For Tighter Climate Goals Evaporated With COP26 Delay

    • Date: 02/04/20
    • Bloomberg

    Postponing the annual round of global climate talks reduces political pressure for nations to stiffen their goals to cut greenhouse gases, a major setback to the environmental movement. The pivotal round of United Nations negotiations involving almost 200 countries was scheduled for November in Scotland and was delayed because of the coronavirus, which has triggered […]

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  • EU Leaders At Loggerheads Over Economic Response To Coronavirus

    • Date: 27/03/20
    • AFP

    European Union leaders struggled to build a unified response to the coronavirus epidemic on Thursday, as hardest-hit Italy and Spain objected that a draft economic plan was too weak. The 27 leaders were taking part in a videoconference hosted by EU Council president Charles Michel to agree to a broad outline but Madrid and Rome […]

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  • Coronavirus Spooks Europe’s Car Industry And May Spur Delay Of EU CO2 Regulations

    • Date: 25/03/20
    • Neil Winton, Forbes

    If Europe’s flagship automotive industry is seriously damaged by the coronavirus crisis, governments are likely to delay or water down CO2 regulations. European Union (EU) CO2 rules forcing sedan and SUV makers to in effect “go electric” by 2030 was always going to end badly for the automotive industry and consumers, but the coronavirus crisis […]

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  • Coronavirus Throws EU’s Green Deal Into Disarray

    • Date: 24/03/20
    • Dave Keating, Forbes

    Much remains uncertain as the effects of the Coronavirus ravage economies. But what seems clear is that any assumptions made about transitioning to the green economy have now been rendered obsolete. […] The EU’s Green Deal, with its target to completely decarbonize by 2050 proposed earlier this month, has not taken the massive economic and social disruption […]

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  • Germany’s Coronavirus Infections Climb But Deaths Remain Low

    • Date: 21/03/20
    • PM Live

    Experts have been debating Germany’s ‘coronavirus anomaly’, as cases continue to grow in the country but deaths caused by the virus remain low. Currently, Germany has confirmed over 16,000 cases of coronavirus infections among its citizens – the virus which causes the respiratory disease COVID-19. Although the virus is spreading fast within the country, the […]

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