• EU Faces Existential Crisis Between Green Deal And Survival

    • Date: 29/04/20
    • Voice of America

    The coronavirus crisis risks becoming an existential crisis for the European Union, say diplomats and analysts, as the EU struggles to coordinate a financial response to the pandemic.  Last week, the EU’s national leaders struck an interim agreement on a recovery deal with an emergency fund of about $581 million (a half-billion euros), which the hardest hit member states can tap […]

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  • Corona Crisis: Federation Of German Industry Calls On EU To Review Unilateral 2030 Climate Goals

    • Date: 28/04/20
    • Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V.

    ‘EU restart needs globally comparable ambitions in climate protection’ In a statement, Holger Lösch, deputy general manager of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), comments on the 11th Petersberg Climate Dialogue: It is right and important that the Petersberg Climate Dialogue deals extensively with the topic of climate finance. The restart of the global economy […]

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  • It’s All Over For Europe’s Green Deal As Angela Merkel’s MEPs Say ‘It’s No Longer Viable’

    • Date: 24/04/20
    • Fokus Magazin

    Berlin. Opposition to the EU’s Green Deal promoted by EU Commission leader Ursula von der Leyen is growing among Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU MEPs in the European Parliament.  The leader of the Parliamentary Party Markus Pieper told news magazine FOCUS: The Green Deal was a gigantic challenge for an economy in top shape. After the corona […]

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  • New Documentary Reveals Massive Ecological Impacts Of Renewables

    • Date: 22/04/20
    • Michael Shellenberger, Forbes

    A new documentary by award-winning filmmaker, Michael Moore, reveals the uncomfortable truth about the green energy movement. Over the last 10 years, everyone from celebrity influencers including Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Al Gore, to major technology brands including Apple, have repeatedly claimed that renewables like solar panels and wind farms are less polluting than […]

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  • EU May Shift Green Deal Funding Into ‘White Deal’ For Pandemic Healthcare Needs

    • Date: 22/04/20
    • Dave Keating, Forbes

    EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has floated an idea: why not combine the green deal climate plan with a white deal for healthcare? As EU national leaders prepare for a crucial video summit tomorrow on how to respond to the economic crisis caused by Coronavirus, about half the member countries are insisting that […]

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  • UN Climate Change Fund Calls Coronavirus An ‘Opportunity’ To Re-Shape The World

    • Date: 21/04/20
    • Sky News Australia

    The UN-funded financial arm of the Paris Agreement has labelled the killer coronavirus an “opportunity” to raise funds for climate change action and “relaunch economies on low-emission, climate-resilient trajectories”. The extraordinary statements have been published in a document by the Green Climate Fund – an international organisation with a $10.3 billion budget (US). Australia gifted it […]

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  • Climate Campaigner & Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull Faces Lifetime Ban From Liberal Party

    • Date: 19/04/20
    • The Australian

    A former Turnbull government adviser from the conservative bloc of the state executive has asked for an extraordinary general meeting to vote on Turnbull’s expulsion within weeks. Could the dysfunctional relationship between Malcolm Bligh Turnbull and the Liberal Party finally be set for a hostile divorce? An email calling for Turnbull to be expelled from the party […]

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  • Global EV Sales Expected To Fall 43% In 2020

    • Date: 14/04/20
    • Kallanish Energy News

    Sales of global electric vehicle (EV) are expected to drop by 43% this year, as uncertainty and fear brought by the coronavirus pandemic affects demand, Kallanish Energy reports. According to a new research from Wood Mackenzie, EV sales for 2020 are projected at 1.3 million, compared with 2.2 million in 2019. The figures reflect potential delays […]

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