• After Paris: China Stokes Global Coal Growth

    • Date: 24/09/16
    • Beth Walker, China Dialogue

    China cuts coal at home but state owned companies and banks drive new coal expansion overseas, despite top level promises of green growth for developing countries. Coal hotspots are emerging in Turkey and the Balkans, where local players are also active. (Image by Iwona_Olczyk) Chinese companies and banks are continuing to drive global coal expansion, as state owned […]

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  • Poland Casts Doubt on Fast-Track EU Approval of Paris Agreement

    • Date: 24/09/16
    • Marta Waldoch and Ewa Krukowska, Bloomberg

    Polish government wants national interests secured before EU approval Fast-track ratification of the global climate deal by the European Union can only occur if Poland’s national interests are secured, the eastern EU member announced a week before an extraordinary meeting of the bloc’s environment ministers called to accelerate the approval of the Paris agreement. Environment […]

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  • Poland Caves To Pressure, Ready For Unconditional Ratification Of Paris Climate Deal

    • Date: 21/09/16
    • Ewa Krukowska, Bloomberg & Coral Daveport, The New York Times

    European Union member states expressed “no strong opposition” to a plan for fast-track approval of the global climate accord next month, boosting the chances that the 28-nation bloc could achieve a symbolic triumph by triggering entry into force of the historic accord. Leaders of the EU, which seeks to be at the forefront of the […]

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  • U.N. Signals That Climate Deal Has Backing Needed To Enter Force

    • Date: 21/09/16
    • Coral Davenport, The New York Times

    UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, is expected to announce on Wednesday that he has secured enough commitments from world leaders to ensure that the 2015 Paris climate accord will enter into legal force this year, binding the next American president, whoever it is. The milestone is in reach in large part because Mr. […]

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  • China Struggling To Pay $Billions In Green Energy Subsidies

    • Date: 19/09/16
    • Kathy Chen, Reuters

    China is struggling to pay billions of yuan in subsidies to renewable power generators following a rapid expansion of capacity, a planning agency official said this week. Wind and solar power capacity has grown faster than expected in the last five years because of preferential policies that include higher tariffs paid for cleaner electricity, as […]

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  • EU Fails To Agree On Ratification Of Paris Climate Deal

    • Date: 17/09/16
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    The meeting of EU leaders in Bratislava (Slovakia) yesterday ended without any agreement on how to proceed with the Paris climate agreement.  Despite claims by French President Francois Hollande that “all members of the EU are ready to ratify [the Paris deal] as fast as possible,” the Bratislava declaration of the 27 EU leaders ignored to […]

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  • Nicolas Sarkozy Turns Climate Skeptic In Battle For Élysée

    • Date: 15/09/16
    • The Local

    Presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy reckons that climate change is not caused by man and that the world has far bigger problems on its hands than global warming. Nicolas Sarkozy, who is fighting to regain the presidency that he lost to François Hollande in 2012, has finally come out of the closet as a climate skeptic. […]

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  • Japan’s Shift To Renewable Energy Loses Power As Nation Returns To Coal And Gas

    • Date: 14/09/16
    • Mayumi Negish, The Wall Street Journal

    Five years after the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the urgency to go green in Japan has faded.  The drive toward ambitious targets for the use of renewable fuels has been slowed by resistance from utilities and concerns about the costs of renewable-energy projects at a time of cheap fossil-fuel imports, as well […]

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