• India Stops U.S. Attempt To Sneak “Scrutiny” Into Climate Talks

    • Date: 03/03/10

    India has caught out an American attempt to go back on an agreement not to push for international “scrutiny” of voluntary attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, negotiated between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, U.S. President Barack Obama and the heads of government of China, Brazil and South Africa at the UN climate change talks in […]

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  • Cap-And-Trade Senator Declares Cap-And-Trade Plan Dead

    • Date: 02/03/10

    The idea of imposing a broad cap-and-trade system to cut America’s greenhouse gas emissions is dead and will be replaced with a new approach, an influential Republican senator said Tuesday. Lindsey Graham, one of three senators working against daunting odds to produce a compromise climate bill, has recently turned against imposing the kind of cap-and-trade system […]

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  • Doomsday Cult: Baby Survives Parents’ Global Warming Suicide Pact

    • Date: 01/03/10

    A seven-month-old girl survived for three days alone with a bullet in her chest after being shot by her parents as part of a suicide pact over their fears about global warming. Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, shot their daughter and her toddler brother before killing themselves. Their son Francisco, two, died instantly […]

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  • Martin Cohen: How Has The World’s Largest Encyclopaedia Been Covering The Climate Change Debate?

    • Date: 28/02/10

    Put ‘Global Warming’ into Google, let alone Wikipedia, and you will be offered, as ‘settled fact’, the ‘full throttle’ version of the theory of man-made global warming, as advanced by certain scientists and green groups. And you will find almost no references to any of the sceptical scientists, or philosophical critiques of the theory. Martin Cohen, a writer on […]

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  • Poland: EU Needs To Give Up Unilateral Climate Policy

    • Date: 27/02/10

    The European Union’s aim to lead the world in adopting ambitious emission cuts has failed and the bloc needs a new strategy for global climate talks, a Polish official was quoted on Saturday as saying. The EU agreed to cut its emissions by 20 percent below the 1990 levels over next 10 years as part […]

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  • China Envoy Says Deep Divides Threaten Climate Talks

    • Date: 24/02/10

    Rich and developing countries have little hope of overcoming key disagreements over how to fight global warming, China’s climate change ambassador said on Wednesday, warning of a year of troubled negotiations. China’s Special Representative for Climate Change Negotiations, Yu Qingtai, said as nations seek a new global treaty on climate change by the end of […]

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  • Democratic Senators Warn Over C02 Regulation

    • Date: 23/02/10

    Eight Democratic Senators from coal and manufacturing states warned the Obama Administration Monday that the Environmental Protection Agency’s plans to regulate greenhouse gases could hurt the economy. The lawmakers, including prominent Senators Max Baucus, (D., Mont.), Carl Levin, (D., Mich.) and John Rockefeller, (D., W.V), warned EPA chief Lisa Jackson in a letter that “ill-timed […]

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  • Climate-Change Fervor Cools Amid Disputed Science

    • Date: 22/02/10

    U.S. Representative Bob Inglis went from climate-change skeptic to believer four years ago as opinion leaders from Al Gore to General Electric Co. chief Jeffrey Immelt called for laws to curb global warming. Today Inglis, a South Carolina Republican, is a convert who’s watching the public become more doubtful. “I have many people saying, ‘Now […]

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