• Pakistan To Kick-Start New Coal Boom

    • Date: 03/08/18
    • Financial Times

    Pakistan believes it may have found a way out of its long-term energy supply crisis, thanks largely to more than $35bn worth of loans provided by China under the $60bn China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The country has experienced years of rolling blackouts that have left residents in the dark and stifled the country’s manufacturing industries. […]

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  • Canadian Tories: Trudeau’s Carbon Tax ‘Climbdown’ Shows ‘We Have Been Right All Along’

    • Date: 02/08/18
    • Huffington Post

    Ontario Tories have wasted no time gloating about what they’ve dubbed a “climbdown” from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on carbon pricing. In question period Wednesday, Progressive Conservative MPP Christine Hogarth lobbed softball questions to Environment Minister Rod Phillips on the federal government’s decision to increase the threshold at which heavy polluters will need to pay a price […]

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  • Oh Dear: Portugal’s Met Office Retracts Hottest Day Prediction, Blames Extreme Weather For Mistake

    • Date: 01/08/18
    • EuroNews

    Portugal’s Met Office has retracted its prediction that temperatures in the country could reach 50ºC — the hottest ever recorded on mainland Europe — this week, drastically revising the forecast down by 10 degrees. Facebook/ Comentadores In a statement, the IPMA said forecasts published to its website and app on Tuesday had been “overestimated” for […]

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  • Trump’s Tax Cuts, Tariffs Force Trudeau To Retreat On Carbon Tax

    • Date: 01/08/18
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration will scale back plans to tax carbon dioxide emissions from industrial operations amid intense political backlash from conservatives and businesses. Two Canadian provinces — Saskatchewan and Ontario — are suing the central government over its carbon tax, but the industry is chafing against Trudeau’s carbon tax because of pressures […]

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  • Meeting Paris Climate Goals Could See More People Hungry

    • Date: 31/07/18
    • Physics World

    The UN’s Paris Agreement is currently the most comprehensive global effort to limit climate change. But some of the land-use measures that would help meet the agreement’s objectives could slow the decline of global hunger. That’s according to researchers in Japan, who have proposed a set of food security policies. “People who are involved in climate […]

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  • EU Abandons Climate Stance In Trade Sop To Trump

    • Date: 27/07/18
    • Climate Home News

    The European Commission abandoned its customary climate hard talk in a bid to defuse trade tensions with the US on Wednesday. Following a visit by commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to Donald Trump in Washington DC, the two major economies promised to work to eliminate trade barriers. In a joint statement, they agreed to launch “a close dialogue on […]

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  • Heat-Related Deaths Have Declined By 70% In The U.S., Despite Global Warming

    • Date: 26/07/18
    • Alan Barreca et al, Journal of Political Economy, February 2016

    Adapting to Climate Change: The Remarkable Decline in the U.S. Temperature-Mortality Relationship over the 20th Century This paper examines the temperature-mortality relationship over the course of the twentieth-century United States both for its own interest and to identify potentially useful adaptations for coming decades. There are three primary findings. First, the mortality impact of days […]

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  • India’s Coal Shortage is U.S. Miners’ Gain

    • Date: 24/07/18
    • Metal Miner

    What is one man’s meat is another’s poison. The proverb seems to be true for India’s coal supply woes. The country’s power ministry has advised all provinces to start importing coal for the next three years in order to operate their power plants … which, in turn, is music to the ears of coal miners […]

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