• Trump Will Betray U.S. Voters On Climate & Reverse Paris Exit, Macron Predicts

    • Date: 17/07/17
    • The Times

    President Macron believes that he may have persuaded President Trump to reverse his decision to pull the United States out of the UN Paris agreement on curbing climate change. “Donald Trump listened to me. He understood the sense of my approach,” the French leader said after the state visit to Paris ended on Friday. “He […]

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  • Electric Fears: Global Car Makers Call On China Not To Go Green So Fast

    • Date: 15/07/17
    • Reuters

    HAMBURG/SHANGHAI(Reuters) – Global automakers have urged China to delay and soften planned quotas for sales of electric and hybrid cars, saying its proposals will be impossible to meet and would severely disrupt their businesses, according to a letter seen by Reuters. The June 18 letter addressed to the head of China’s Ministry of Industry and […]

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  • California’s Cap-and-Trade Problem

    • Date: 14/07/17
    • The Wall Street Journal

    Jerry Brown seeks GOP votes as Democrats balk at an extension.  If Republicans go along, they can look forward to being a permanent superminority. California Governor Jerry Brown plans to host a global climate summit next year, and there’s no better exhibit of the tension between the left’s environmental and social justice goals. Witness the […]

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  • Pruitt Blasts Europe, Merkel For ‘Hypocrisy’ On Climate

    • Date: 13/07/17
    • Politico

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt dismissed European critics of President Donald Trump’s climate policies as hypocrites on Wednesday, while chastising German Chancellor Angela Merkel for phasing out her country’s nuclear power plants. “I just think the hypocrisy runs rampant,” EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said of European critics of the Trump administration. | AP Photo “I just […]

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  • Most Europeans And 2/3 Of Britons Reject IPCC ‘Climate Consensus’

    • Date: 12/07/17
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    A new opinion poll of 10,000 European citizens reveals majority of Europeans reject the claim that climate change is mainly or entirely caused by humans. For the last few decades, questions about the causes and impacts of climate change have dominated the climate debate. The IPCC and many climate scientists have been claiming relentlessly that the global […]

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  • Green Crash: Tesla’s Hong Kong Sales Collapse After Tax Breaks Are Canceled

    • Date: 11/07/17
    • Motor1 News

    Not a single Tesla was sold in the country in April. Following Hong Kong’s decision to reduce incentives for electric vehicles, sales of Tesla vehicles in the country plummeted. The local government slashed a tax break for electric vehicles on April 1, which resulted in no Model S or Model X deliveries during the whole month. Data from Hong Kong’s Transportation […]

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  • U.S. Lawmakers To Investigate Reports That Russia Funneled $Millions To Environmental Groups

    • Date: 07/07/17
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    U.S. lawmakers have added another twist to the ongoing congressional Russia investigation by asking the Treasury Department to look into allegations Russia secretly funneled money to environmental groups opposed to oil and gas drilling. Top Republicans want the Trump administration to investigate a Bermuda-based shell company that funneled money to a prominent environmental non-profit that’s given millions […]

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  • 40% of Americans Have Been Misled By Climate Alarmists

    • Date: 07/07/17
    • The Independent

    For about two-fifths of the American population, climate change is likely going to kill off the entire human population. That’s according to a new poll from Yale University’s Program on Climate Change Communication, which also found that a healthy majority of Americans believe people are the cause of global warm. The study found that 39 […]

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