• After Tesla Debacle, Denmark Reconsiders Electric Car Subsidies For The Rich

    • Date: 29/04/18

    Denmark may be open to financial incentives to buy electric cars after seeing a dramatic drop in sales of non-polluting vehicles, according to Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen. “We have tax incentives for electric cars, and you could discuss if they should be bigger. I will not exclude that,” Rasmussen said in an interview in […]

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  • EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Fends Off Democrat Critics, Makes Case for Deregulation in Testy Hearings

    • Date: 27/04/18
    • Kevin Mooney, The Daily Signal

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt offered up a vigorous defense of his record amid negative media coverage of his travel, security, and living expenses Thursday in testifying before two House subcommittees.   “Half-truths … so twisted they do not represent reality”: Scott Pruitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, testifies Thursday before a House Energy and […]

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  • EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Moves to End Reliance on ‘Secret Science’

    • Date: 25/04/18
    • Kevin Mooney, The Daily Signal

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt proposed a new rule Tuesday aimed at bolstering the role of science in developing regulations. Pruitt announced the change at an event at the Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters that was closed to The Daily Signal and other press. It could, however, be viewed online. “The era of secret science at EPA […]

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  • As Boulder Sues, 15 U.S. States Oppose Global Warming Lawsuits

    • Date: 23/04/18
    • John O’Brien, Forbes

    Two days after local officials in the Boulder, CO, area filed a lawsuit that attempts to hold large energy companies liable for the alleged effects of global warming, the state’s top lawyer showed that she disagrees with their legal argument by coming out against similar lawsuits in California. On April 19, Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman joined […]

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  • Polar Bears Not Starving, Says Wildlife Manager

    • Date: 23/04/18
    • Geoff Bartlett · CBC News

    One of the people who oversees an Indigenous hunt of polar bears says the population is doing well, despite heart-wrenching photos online suggesting some bears are starving. Every year, the Nunatsiavut government awards polar bear licences to Inuit hunters living in the northern Labrador settlement area. The Inuit set a quota of 12 polar bears this winter. Nunatsiavut […]

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  • ‘Time to Reset the Climate Change Debate’: Philipp Lengsfeld

    • Date: 20/04/18
    • William Powell, Natural Gas World

    The proper boundaries between industry, politics and science have become blurred, preventing a rational debate about energy policy and climate change, according to a scientist and former German member of parliament Philipp Lengsfeld. The public, whose interests they would normally serve, therefore instead finds itself caught in the middle, passive not active. Dr Philipp Lengsfeld […]

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  • Green Europe Declines, China To Double Shale Gas Production

    • Date: 17/04/18
    • Energy Voice

    Chinese shale gas production will almost double between now and 2020, energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie (Woodmac) has predicted. Woodmac said China had made significant progress over the last decade, growing to nearly 600 wells and 9 billion cubic metres (bcm) of production last year. Production is expected to reach 17 bcm in 2020. Nearly 700 new […]

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  • Forget Paris: India Slashes Plans For New Nuclear Reactors By Two-Thirds, Expanding Coal Instead

    • Date: 16/04/18
    • Dan Yurman, Energy Post

    India has decided to cut its planned nuclear power plant construction by two-thirds. This will further expand the country’s use of coal for electrical power generation The Financial Express, one of India’s major newspapers, reports that the Narendra Modi government, which had set an ambitious 63,000 MW nuclear power capacity addition target by the year 2031-32, has […]

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