• Germany Has Plunged Into Unprecedented Political Chaos

    • Date: 20/11/17
    • Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

    It’s going to be a while before Europe’s most powerful country has a stable government – and Angela Merkel probably won’t be leading it. As little as an hour before midnight Sunday night, there was a flicker of light at the end of the long tunnel — at least three of the four German parties […]

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  • Climate Make-Or-Brake: German Parties Regroup In Last-Ditch Coalition Push

    • Date: 19/11/17
    • Reuters

    Germany’s would-be coalition partners met on Saturday for a last-ditch round of weekend talks aimed at finding common ground in the divisive fields of climate and migration policy, in the hope of staving off a possible early election. For German Chancellor Angela Merkel, an awkward three-way conservative-liberal-Green alliance is her best hope of securing a […]

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  • COP Out: China, Europe Climate Buddy Act Flounders

    • Date: 17/11/17
    • Politico

    BONN, Germany — So much for the Sino-European climate bromance. Developing countries are returning to the idea that wealthy countries should bear more of the emissions cuts. The EU and China were supposed to become the tag team of international climate diplomacy, buddying up after President Donald Trump announced his intention to pull the U.S. out of the […]

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  • Merkel Refuses To Set Coal Deadline At Climate Talks

    • Date: 15/11/17
    • Associated Press

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a veteran of global efforts to curb climate change, disappointed environmental campaigners Wednesday by refusing to lay down a deadline for ending her country’s use of coal. Green groups and developing countries had called on Merkel to use global climate talks in Bonn, Germany, this week to set a date for […]

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  • The COP Ritual: Frustration Shows Up As Bonn Climate Summit Is Deadlocked Again

    • Date: 14/11/17
    • The Indian Express

    Developing countries are demanding money in addition to the $100 billion developed nations have promised to provide every year from 2020. With more than half the schedule of climate change conference already over, frustration was beginning to show at the lack of progress on any of the key issues under discussion, including the issues of finance, loss […]

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  • California Gov. To Vatican: ‘Brain Washing’ Needed to Tackle Climate Change

    • Date: 13/11/17
    • Joan Desmond, National Catholic Register

    California Gov. Jerry Brown—a one-time Jesuit seminarian from a one-party state—said the dangers posed by climate change required a radical “transformation” in the world’s response. “At the highest circles, people still don’t get it,” said Brown, during his 40-minute speech at a climate change conference organized by the Pontifical Academy for Sciences. “It’s not just […]

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  • Climate Targets Threaten Germany’s Prosperity, Ministry of Economy Warns

    • Date: 08/11/17
    • Jan Dams, Die Welt

    Germany will miss its 2030 climate targets by a mile. This emerges from calculations by the Federal Ministry of Economics. Trying to do so would risk Germany’s economic prosperity. Experts at the Federal Ministry of Economics have written an eight-page briefing paper for  participants at the exploratory coalition talks currently underway in Berlin. The paper’s […]

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  • Revealed: EU Wasted £520 Million On Green Projects That Produced ZERO Results

    • Date: 06/11/17
    • Daily Express

    Eurocrats blew £520 million of taxpayers’ cash on a decade-long project to reduce carbon emissions that produced absolutely zero results whatsoever, it has emerged. An investigation found that Brussels blew the colossal sum of cash on a drive to build underground storage facilities for CO2 emissions – but no such facilities were ever constructed. This […]

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