• Socialism is a mass-killer: Malaria spreads as Venezuela’s economy implodes

    • Date: 25/04/19
    • Financial Times

    There was a time when Venezuela led Latin America in the battle against malaria. No longer. The collapse of the country’s economy and health system, combined with a boom in illegal mining in the malaria-ridden south, has sparked a resurgence in the disease, which is creeping across the borders into Colombia and Brazil. The World […]

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  • Climate sceptic AfD now biggest party in East Germany

    • Date: 24/04/19
    • The Times

    The radical right-wing Alternative for Germany has emerged as the most popular party in the east of the country, overtaking Angela Merkel’s conservatives before finely balanced elections. The AfD stands a good chance of winning the most seats in the states of Brandenburg and Saxony this autumn, which could hasten the end of Mrs Merkel’s […]

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  • Green NGOs campaign to reorient the UN toward climate change

    • Date: 23/04/19
    • The Washington Examiner

    Climate change and sustainability groups want to shake up the U.N. by reorienting its climate change focus toward “security,” beginning with changes within the U.N. Security Council, where the U.S. is a permanent member. A joint communiqué issued Monday evening after a big climate meeting in Oslo, Norway, calls on the U.N. Security Council to […]

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  • Tragic Our Planet scene showing mass walrus deaths accused of being ‘a lie’

    • Date: 19/04/19
    • The Mirror

    A David Attenborough documentary has come under fire for a disturbing scene showing walruses falling to their deaths It’s no secret that David Attenborough nature documentaries have a tendency to make viewers emotional. But one scene from the 92-year-old’s most recent programme has left viewers in tears. In a particularly traumatic scene in Our Planet on Netflix , a […]

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  • Carbon Tax to be scrapped as Conservatives win Alberta elections

    • Date: 17/04/19
    • The Western Producer

    Alberta’s new government plans to get stalled pipelines built, scrap the province’s carbon tax, and create a “war room” to hit back at anti-oil-sands campaigners Alberta returned to its conservative roots, electing United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney premier after he vowed to fight harder for the Canadian province’s beleaguered energy industry. Kenney defeated center-left […]

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  • Big Green, Inc. : The money fuelling the environmental left

    • Date: 16/04/19
    • Institute for Energy Research

    The $4.2 billion worth of grants included in this database represents a small fraction of the total financial investment is just the tip of the iceberg. Today’s environmental movement is fueled by a group of interconnected, left-leaning foundations that are seeking to disrupt the development of America’s energy resources. In order to understand how these […]

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  • Climate sceptics now second largest party In Finland

    • Date: 15/04/19
    • The New York Times

    A Finnish political party that campaigned against ambitious climate change policies won the second-highest number of seats in parliamentary elections on Sunday, in a vote in which global warming became a polarizing issue. The Finns Party did even better than predicted by recent polls during the campaign. It was almost tied in the popular vote with the […]

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  • Finland: Social Democrats & climate sceptic party nearly tied in elections

    • Date: 14/04/19

    HELSINKI (Reuters) – Finland’s Social Democrats and the nationalist Finns Party landed nearly tied in first place in a general election on Sunday, with 17.7 percent and 17.5 percent of votes, respectively, justice ministry data showed. The co-ruling Centre Party of Prime Minister Juha Sipila and the centre-right National Coalition stood at 13.8 percent and […]

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