• Electric Car Makers Have an Africa Problem

    • Date: 18/10/17
    • Bloomberg

    Automakers find it hard to lock in the price of cobalt for batteries. Volkswagen’s recent failure to lock in the price of cobalt for five years points to a serious problem with the optimistic projections of an electric vehicle revolution. These projections are based on gradually declining battery prices, but the scarcity of certain minerals and their concentration […]

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  • It’s All Over: Australian Government Abolishes Green Energy Subsidies

    • Date: 17/10/17
    • Australian Associated Press

    The Federal Government has dumped subsidies for renewable power and established a reliable electricity target that favours gas, hydro and coal in a long-awaited energy policy unveiled by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today. The reliability target will be set to deliver the right level of dispatchable power needed in each State. The level will be […]

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  • Tony Abbott Launches Warning Shot Over Climate Policy

    • Date: 16/10/17
    • The Sydney Morning Herald

    Tony Abbott has fired a telling shot across Malcolm Turnbull’s bow, warning that any energy package agreed to in cabinet must also pass a party room wary of anything approaching a clean energy target or other subsidy scheme for renewables. It came as the Turnbull government received more bad news in the fortnightly Newspoll series, […]

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  • EU Divided Over Future Of Cap And Trade, Failure To Reach Agreement

    • Date: 15/10/17
    • Bloomberg

    European Union carbon allowances fell the most in almost three weeks after the bloc’s negotiators failed to reach a deal yesterday to overhaul the region’s cap-and-trade programme, prolonging uncertainty over the fate of a plan to alleviate a market glut. After more than 13 hours of talks in Brussels, policy makers suspended negotiations on the […]

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  • Trump Taps Climate Skeptic For Top White House Environmental Post

    • Date: 14/10/17
    • Denver Post

    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump on Thursday tapped Kathleen Hartnett-White, a former chairman of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, to head a key White House office that coordinates environmental and energy policies across the government. The nomination of Hartnett-White to chair the administration’s Council on Environmental Quality is not entirely surprising – she previously […]

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  • New Study: Tony Abbott’s Climate Views Are Shared By Business Leaders Down Under

    • Date: 13/10/17
    • Venessa Bowden, The Conversation

    Tony Abbott’s doubts about climate science and predicted climate impacts have a long history of support among Australian business leaders. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott this week drew renewed attention to himself with a speech to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a London-based climate sceptic group, in which he voiced a range of doubts about climate science […]

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  • New Report: World Bank “Abandons The Poor”

    • Date: 13/10/17
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    A new report: The Anti-Development Bank: The World Bank’s Regressive Energy Policies by the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) finds that the World Bank has abdicated its primary mission of tackling poverty in the developing world. The report, written by author and former Treasury adviser Rupert Darwall, with a foreword by the distinguished economist and former […]

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  • Cold Feet: EU Member States Dodge Paris Pledge, Diluting Climate Targets

    • Date: 12/10/17
    • EurActiv

    Loopholes in a draft EU law aimed at curbing global warming emissions from transport, buildings and agriculture will result in a mere 23% cut by 2030 instead of the 30% originally foreseen, environmental activists have warned, denouncing a cynical ploy by EU member states to dodge their pledges made under the Paris Agreement. Environment ministers […]

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