• Copying Climate Alarmists, China Warns Against ‘Erroneous Thoughts’

    • Date: 08/03/19
    • Reuters

    China’s ruling Communist Party is ramping up calls for political loyalty in a year of sensitive anniversaries, warning against “erroneous thoughts” as officials fall over themselves to pledge allegiance to President Xi Jinping and his philosophy. This year is marked by some delicate milestones: 30 years since the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in and […]

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  • Trump Seeks Deep Cuts in Renewable Energy Funding

    • Date: 07/03/19
    • Bloomberg

    The Trump administration is again seeking severe cuts to the U.S. Energy Department division charged with renewable energy and energy efficiency research, according to a department official familiar with the plan. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy would see its $2.3 billion budget […]

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  • Is This the End of Recycling?

    • Date: 06/03/19
    • The Atlantic

    Americans are consuming more and more stuff. Now that other countries won’t take our papers and plastics, they’re ending up in the trash. After decades of earnest public-information campaigns, Americans are finally recycling. Airports, malls, schools, and office buildings across the country have bins for plastic bottles and aluminum cans and newspapers. In some cities, you can be fined if […]

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  • Europe Split Over Its Own Green Deal As Germany Urges Prudence

    • Date: 05/03/19
    • Bloomberg

    EU member states are split about how to cut greenhouse gases by 2050 The opening round of talks over the next green deal in Europe highlighted differences between governments over the means and pace of transforming the continent’s economies to avoid catastrophic climate change. Germany sounded caution as energy ministers from member states debated a proposal to […]

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  • WWF’s Secret War: One Of The World’s Biggest Charities Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People

    • Date: 04/03/19
    • BuzzFeed News

    The World Wide Fund for Nature funds vicious paramilitary forces to fight poaching. A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals the hidden human cost. A yearlong BuzzFeed News investigation across six countries — based on more than 100 interviews and thousands of pages of documents, including confidential memos, internal budgets, and emails discussing weapons purchases — can […]

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  • U.S. Democrats Raise Alarm Over Proposed White House Climate Scrutiny Panel

    • Date: 02/03/19
    • The Hill

    A group of liberal lawmakers in both the House and Senate are raising concerns over a new climate council being organized at the White House that includes members who question the science behind global warming [alarmism]. In two letters sent to the president this week, the incredulous lawmakers urged Trump to reconsider the council — […]

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  • Senator Whitehouse Sought to Advance Climate Lawsuit for Donors

    • Date: 01/03/19
    • Spencer Walrath, Energy In Depth

    ‘U.S. Senator Whitehouse did not disclose that he has received donations from two parties in the climate litigation. ‘ In July 2018, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) stood next to Rhode Island’s Attorney General, announcing that the law firm Sher Edling LLP will represent the state in a lawsuit against energy producers over the issue of climate […]

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  • Green Madness: Ireland Faces €3-6bn Emissions Failure Costs

    • Date: 28/02/19
    • Green News Ireland

    The Institute of International and European Affairs estimates that missing CO2 emissions targets could cost Ireland between €3bn and €6bn for both compliance periods up to 2020 and 2030. The European Commission has found that the State’s climate plans fall far short of the level of ambiton required to put Ireland on a path to […]

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