• All-Time Record: Russian Harvest To Beat Soviet-Era Grain Record

    • Date: 21/08/17
    • Bloomberg

    A quarter century after the collapse of the USSR, Russian farmers are finally poised to beat the record for grain production that the country set during the Soviet era. The harvest will total at least 130.7 million metric tons this year on bumper wheat and corn crops, said Vladimir Petrichenko, director general of Moscow-based consultant ProZerno. That […]

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  • Indian Govt’s Chief Economic Adviser Slams ‘Carbon Imperialism’

    • Date: 18/08/17
    • Gireesh Chandra Prasad, Live Mint

    Coal will and should remain the primary source of energy for India in the short to medium term as the fossil fuel remains the cheapest source of energy for India’s development needs, chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian said on Thursday. click on image to watch news report Renewable energy, on the other hand, comes with hidden […]

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  • All Time Record: India Set For Best-Ever Foodgrain Production

    • Date: 17/08/17
    • Times of India

    NEW DELHI: India’s foodgrain production for the 2016-17 crop year is estimated at record 275.68 million tonnes. The government on Wednesday revised its previous figures upward by 2.3 million tonnes and came at the new figure which is over 4% higher than the previous record production achieved in the country during 2013-14. The production in […]

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  • Reality Check: India’s Foodgrain Output Up 5-Fold In 60 Years

    • Date: 16/08/17
    • India Spend

    India’s foodgrain production rose five times over six decades, according to 2016 government data, the latest available. Global population, CO2 emissions, and food production data over the period 1961-2010, normalized to a value of unity at 1961 — source: CO2 Science But with the average Indian farm half as large as it used to be 50 years […]

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  • Lord Lawson Blasts Al Gore For Obsession Over Climate

    • Date: 10/08/17
    • Chris Campbell, Daily Express

    Lord Lawson blasted Al Gore for his major interventions in warning the world of the dangers of global warming saying there were bigger threats to focus on – including North Korea and terrorism. The former Chancellor denied climate change should be a concern despite scientific consensus the planet is being damaged. But Lord Lawson hit […]

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  • Tesla’s Cash Could Burn in Production ‘Hell’

    • Date: 07/08/17
    • The Wall Street Journal

    Ambitious production goals for the Model 3 may prompt a capital crunch and a trip to the debt markets. Tesla aims to boost output to 10,000 Model 3 vehicles a week. It averaged fewer than 2,000 other model vehicles a week last year. PHOTO: ANDREJ SOKOLOW/DPA/ZUMA PRESS Tesla Inc.’s TSLA -0.49% version of production “hell” apparently means the Silicon Valley electric-car […]

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  • Child Miners Aged Four Living A Hell On Earth so YOU Can Drive An Electric Car

    • Date: 07/08/17
    • Daily Mail

    Sky News investigated the Katanga mines and found Dorsen, 8, and Monica, 4. The pair were working in the vast mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are two of the 40,000 children working daily in the mines, checking rocks for cobalt which is needed for the batteries that power electric vehicles. Picking through a […]

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  • U.S. Officially Pulls Out Of UN’s Paris Climate Deal

    • Date: 05/08/17
    • South China Morning Post

    The earliest the US can be out of the climate agreement is November 4, 2020 – the day after the next presidential election. But the State Department’s announcement doesn’t formally start the process of the US getting out of the voluntary agreement. The department described its communication as a “strong message” to the world, following […]

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