• California Climate Policies Facing Revolt from Civil-Rights Groups

    • Date: 16/09/18
    • Robert Bryce, National Post

    Hugely expensive green mandates will hit poor Californians the hardest. In April, civil-rights groups sued to stop some of California’s policies designed to address climate change. Then on Monday, California governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB 100, which requires the state’s utilities to obtain all their electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045. Before signing […]

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  • Out-Trumping Trump: European Nations Urge Subsidy Extension For Coal Plants Beyond 2030

    • Date: 14/09/18
    • Montel

    Six European nations have called for government subsidies to be extended to coal-fired plants in capacity mechanisms beyond 2030, according to a working paper published earlier this month.   France, Poland, Ireland, the UK, Greece and Hungary demanded a “suitable and realistic transition period for existing installations that do not yet meet the emission[s] criteria”, […]

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  • New South African Coal Power Station Will Only Be Used By Chinese Companies

    • Date: 12/09/18
    • Business Insider South Africa

    The planned new power plant, called the “Power China International Energy Project”, won’t produce electricity for South African households and business – it will only be used for a massive new Chinese-controlled industrial park. There has been some confusion in the energy industry this past week after the announcement that a new coal-powered power plant […]

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  • Report Slams Government For ‘Crushing’ Modular Nuclear Programme

    • Date: 11/09/18
    • New Civil Engineer

    A leading nuclear engineer has slammed the government for “crushing” the UK’s modular nuclear programme. Nuclear engineer Andrew Dawson’s report Small Modular Nuclear: Crushed at birth criticises the government for effectively ending the development of small modular reactors in the UK. Published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Dawson claims that new funding for feasibility […]

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  • Sunset For Jobs In Germany’s Wind Industry As Companies Shift Abroad

    • Date: 07/09/18
    • Bloomberg

    In the past few years, more than 2,000 jobs have been eliminated in Germany in what more and more mirrors the decline of its solar panel industry virtually wiped out by competitors in China. For Heiner Kleen, Germany’s renewable energy revolution looks like it will end in redundancy. After almost two decades building concrete towers […]

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  • 200-400 Years Worth Of Shale Gas: Australian Minister Announces Huge Discovery

    • Date: 05/09/18
    • Australian Associated Press

    The Northern Territory holds enough natural gas to supply Australia for 200 years-plus and is comparable to the shale resources that have revolutionised the US energy sector, Resources and Northern Australia Minister Matt Canavan says. Such abundant gas should enable Australia to reduce its current high energy prices, which were the fault of southern states […]

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  • Coal Boom: Climate Campaign Fails, Coal Persists

    • Date: 03/09/18
    • Neanda Salvaterra, The Wall Street Journal

    Coal is clinging to the top spot in power generation, accounting for as much of the world’s electricity as it did two decades ago, despite heightened concerns about climate change and a slowdown in financing for projects involving the dirtiest of fossil fuels. U.S. exports of coal more than doubled in 2017 and are set […]

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  • How Coal Saved Germany’s Summer

    • Date: 31/08/18
    • Andreas Mihm, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    This summer’s data shows a different truth. Although more wind turbines and solar plants were installed in Germany than in the previous year, the amount of green electricity generated fell. Lignite and, above all, coal-fired power plants had to step in to meet the demand for electricity. Where does the electricity come from when the […]

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