• Department Of Energy To Greenies: Sod Off!

    • Date: 28/03/16
    • Steven Hayward, Power Line

    The grasping rent-seekers of subsidies and mandates for wind and solar power have been sniping at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) for supposedly overestimating the costs of wind and solar power compared to coal- and gas-fired power, and underestimating the growth of wind and solar. EIA does a terrific job of […]

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  • The IEA Doesn’t Think Much of the Petrostate “Freeze” Plan

    • Date: 24/03/16
    • The American Interest

    Most of the world’s biggest petrostates are planning to meet in Doha next month to moot a plan to freeze their production at current rates. Cutting production to help set a floor to plunging prices hasn’t been in the cards this most recent cycle, as producers have been unwilling to reduce their own output only […]

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  • U.S. Shale Gas Output Hits New Record

    • Date: 23/03/16
    • Daniel J. Graeber, UPI

    U.S. natural gas production is on the rise, with some reserve areas in the country’s Northeast getting more output from fewer wells, an industry report found. “The natural gas production record achieved in February is largely attributed to the Northeast, which also is still helping offset the declines seen in other major U.S. basins,” Sami […]

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  • Shale Revolution: Investors Suffer $150 Billion Oil Price Hit

    • Date: 22/03/16
    • Eric Platt, Ed Crooks and Laura Noonan, Financial Times

    Investors have suffered losses of at least $150bn in the value of oil and gas company bonds, as the slump in crude prices since the summer of 2014 has fuelled fears of a wave of defaults in the US and emerging markets. The 300 largest global oil and gas companies have also seen $2.3tn sliced […]

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  • New Market For U.S. Shale Gas Opens In Europe

    • Date: 21/03/16
    • Selina Williams, The Wall Street Journal

    Swiss petrochemicals giant Ineos Group Holdings SA plans to accept the first American shipment of a type of shale gas to Europe on Wednesday—a milestone that marks the opening up of a new market for American energy producers trying to sell a glut of the fuel. The ship is carrying a type of natural-gas liquid […]

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  • American Oil Reaching Every Corner Of The World, Keeping Shale Revolution Alive

    • Date: 19/03/16
    • The American Interest

    It hasn’t taken long for American oil producers to start sending their wares to buyers all around the world. Three months ago the U.S. lifted its 40 year ban on crude oil exports, and now, Bloomberg reports, American oil can be found in ports all around the globe: With American stockpiles at unprecedented levels, oil […]

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  • Shale Gas Knocks Out US Coal

    • Date: 17/03/16
    • The American Interest

    2016 is shaping up to be a year for the record books: the Energy Information Administration is anticipating that this year, for the first time ever, natural gas will displace coal as America’s largest source of electricity generation. The EIA reports: For decades, coal has been the dominant energy source for generating electricity in the […]

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  • Solar Power Isn’t Working (Without Fat Subsidies)

    • Date: 15/03/16
    • The American Interest

    The current generation of commercial solar panels don’t work well enough for people to install them unless they get fat subsidies and tax write-offs. Maine is far from the Sunshine state—more than 1,200 miles north of it, in fact—but that isn’t stopping the solar industry from agitating for a subsidy regime there to help prop […]

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