• Oil Prices To Remain Low As Shale Producers Cut Costs and Adapt, New Report

    • Date: 04/02/16
    • Joaquin Monfort, Pound Sterling Live

    Whilst oil prices might spike higher in the short-term, analysts at Handelsbanken expect the price to remain low longer-term as new sources of production keep global supply ‘pumped’. Oil will spike in the short-term but longer-term it will fall back down to 30 dollars per barrel according to research published by Handelsbanken Capital Markets. Those […]

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  • German Scientists To Conduct Nuclear Fusion Experiment

    • Date: 03/02/16
    • Associated Press

    Scientists in Germany are poised to conduct a nuclear fusion experiment they hope will advance the quest for a clean and safe form of nuclear power. The nuclear fusion research centre at the Max Planck Institute in Greifswald. Photograph: Stefan Sauer/AP In a test expected to be attended by Angela Merkel, the chancellor, researchers will inject a […]

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  • The High Cost of Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance

    • Date: 02/02/16

    Offshore wind turbine maintenance costs are up to ‘100 times more expensive than new turbine itself’ In rough seas, offshore wind turbines generate a lot of energy. But the rust gnaws at them. To pay off the capital investment, offshore wind farms need to be in operation for at least 25 Years – which is […]

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  • North Sea Oil & Gas Fields Near End Of Production

    • Date: 02/02/16
    • Christopher Adams, Kiran Stacey and Chris Tighe, Financial Times

    As many as 50 North Sea oil and gasfields could cease production this year after a collapse in crude prices to 12-year lows, industry experts have warned. This would accelerate the North Sea’s decline, potentially bringing forward billions of pounds in spending on decommissioning. Dozens of smaller fields with high production costs that are approaching the end […]

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  • A Timely Reminder: America’s Biofuel Policy Is a Farce

    • Date: 01/02/16
    • The American Interest

    Biofuels are bad for the environment, they cost consumers at the pump, and they even raise global food prices, hurting the world’s poor. With the Iowa caucuses today, the one state with stakeholders who actually support our federal biofuel policy will be making its voice heard. But while some (but not all) politicians pander to […]

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  • The Oil Crash Is Kicking Off One of the Largest Wealth Transfers in Human History

    • Date: 01/02/16
    • Joe Weisenthal, Bloomberg

    A sustained price plunge “will push back $3 trillion a year from oil producers to global consumers, setting the stage for one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history.” Economists are still hotly debating whether the oil crash has been a net positive for advanced economies. Optimists argue that cheap oil is a good thing for consumers […]

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  • John Constable Joins GWPF As Energy Editor

    • Date: 31/01/16
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    The Global Warming Policy Forum is pleased to announce that Dr John Constable will be overseeing the Energy Comment section of our website, and acting as an advisor on our energy policy related initiatives. John is well known in the sector for his trenchant critique of target-led and subsidy driven renewables policies, which as he […]

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  • The Shale Revolution Has Only Just Begun

    • Date: 29/01/16
    • Next Big Future

    We’re not at the end of the shale revolution, we’re at the very beginning. The Oil-price collapse was caused by the astonishing, unexpected growth in U.S. shale output, responsible for three-fourths of new global oil supply since 2008. And as lower prices roil operators and investors, the shale skeptics’ case may seem vindicated. But their […]

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