• Exxon Probed by New York in Toughest U.S. Climate Crackdown Yet

    • Date: 06/11/15
    • Joe Carroll and Christie Smythe, Bloomberg

    New York’s decision to probe climate change disclosures by Exxon Mobil Corp. marks the most aggressive state action yet on the financial effects of burning fossil fuels. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a subpoena to the company on Wednesday seeking a lengthy list of documents and disclosures, including communications with trade associations and […]

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  • Frack Baby Frack: How Some Shale Producers Are Boosting Output

    • Date: 05/11/15

    This shouldn’t keep happening. Shale companies shouldn’t be able to keep upping production at today’s prices, but that’s exactly what they’re doing. Reuters reports: Shares of Oasis, Devon and Pioneer rose more than 2 percent after their respective forecasts were announced…[CEO Scott Sheffield] said Pioneer, which is adding rigs, expects to grow production 11 percent this year, up […]

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  • Power Plant Breakdowns Force National Grid To Issue Alert For Extra Supplies

    • Date: 04/11/15
    • Emily Gosden, The Daily Telegraph

    Breakdowns at “multiple” power stations have forced National Grid to issue an alert requesting more plants start generating electricity to help keep the lights on on Wednesday afternoon. The Grid issued a “Notification of Inadequate System Margin” (NISM) at 1.30pm, asking for “more generation to be brought onto the system”. It is the first time […]

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  • Stranded Assets: The $26 Billion Hole That Has Green Power Scrambling for Cover

    • Date: 03/11/15
    • Mark Chediak and Chris Martin , Bloomberg

    For investors in yieldco stocks, it’s been a quick and wild ride. Two years ago, yield companies like TerraForm Power Inc. and NRG Yield Inc. were the newest, hottest thing for energy investors — a way to make steady returns off the booming clean energy sector. Share values soared after they were spun off by […]

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  • Global Oil Supplies To Double By 2050

    • Date: 03/11/15
    • Robin Pagnamenta, The Times

    Fracking and other new drilling techniques can nearly double the available supplies of oil and gas in the next 35 years, according to BP. In a report published yesterday, the oil major says that this impending glut of hydrocarbons has demolished fears that the world is running out of oil. It acknowledges, however, that the […]

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  • Germany’s Green Energy Transition Hits Low Income Families Hardest

    • Date: 02/11/15
    • Martin Greive and Daniel Wetzel, Welt am Sonntag

    By 2016 the green energy transition will cost households 540 euros p.a. on average. Business representatives estimate that its total cost will be 100 billion euros in ten years. The green energy transition is becoming ever more expensive for consumers. By the end of 2016 an average household will incur additional charges of approximately 540 euros. This […]

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  • Half-Death: Why Nuclear Energy Is Struggling In The Rich World

    • Date: 31/10/15
    • The Economist

    Nuclear power emits no greenhouse gases, yet it is struggling in the rich world. PENNSYLVANIA has played a big role in the history of American energy. Coal has been mined there since the 1760s (Pennsylvania is sometimes called “the coal state”). In 1859 Edwin Drake drilled a rickety well that set off America’s first oil […]

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  • Green Energy Investment Funds Are Tanking, Losing Shareholders Millions

    • Date: 30/10/15
    • Steve Birr, Daily Caller News Foundation

    Green energy investments have been shredded over the past eight years, gutting shareholder value and calling the financial viability of renewable energy into question. The Energy Select Sector SPDR exchange-traded fund, which tracks the alternative energy sector, is down 15 percent over the past eight years. Barron’s reports that losses among individual ETFs in the green […]

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