• Worst Gasoline Glut in 27 Years Could Be Oil Rally’s Nemesis

    • Date: 17/02/17
    • The Wall Street Journal

    Storage levels swelled last week to 259 million barrels, the highest in EIA records dating to 1990 A gasoline glut brought on by drivers buying less at filling stations is emerging as one of the biggest threats to the yearlong oil-price rally. U.S. gasoline consumption plummeted last month, nearly matching a 15-year low, government estimates […]

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  • Energy Superpower: The United States Of Oil And Gas

    • Date: 15/02/17
    • Tim Meko and Laris Karklis, The Washington Post

    Since 2010, the United States has been in an oil-and-gas boom. In 2015, domestic production was at near-record levels, and we now produce more petroleum products than any other country in the world. President Trump said he plans to double down on the oil and gas industry, lifting regulations and drilling on federal land. Here is […]

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  • Ukraine May Declare Energy Emergency Over Coal Shortage

    • Date: 14/02/17
    • Tsvetana Paraskova, OilPrice.com

    Ukraine’s government is considering declaring a state of emergency in the energy sector due to severe shortage of coal deliveries from the conflict-torn Donbas region, which produces a large part of the coal that Ukraine’s power-generating plants consume, Ukraine’s Unian agency reported on Monday. “The issue of the introduction of a state of emergency in […]

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  • Australian Blackouts Due To Unreliable Renewables Were Predicted In Royal Society Paper

    • Date: 12/02/17
    • Miles Kemp, Sunday Mail (South Australia)

    South Australia’s blackouts caused by unreliable solar and wind were predicted two years ago in the journal Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, and every MP in the Parliament was told.   IT is hard to disagree with the blunt assessment of Business SA that South Australia has been caught on electricity planning like […]

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  • As Shortfall Looms, Coal Enjoys Unexpected Boom

    • Date: 11/02/17
    • Reuters

    Despite coal’s high levels of pollution, utilities and governments in emerging economies, at least for now, largely prefer coal-fired power stations over other fuels including natural gas in order to meet soaring energy demand. Many a swan song has been sung for thermal coal markets as renewable power generation and a push towards using more […]

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  • Harsh Winter: How Coal, Lignite And Gas Saved Germany From Disaster

    • Date: 11/02/17
    • Jürgen Flauger, Handelsblatt

    Conventional power plants played a crucial role in meeting Germany’s energy requirements during dark and chilly January. Now suppliers are demanding market reforms. At German utility company RWE’s site in Lingen in the norther state of Lower Saxony the staff had reason to celebrate on January 17. That day, they fed more energy into the […]

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  • Coldest Winter In Decade Causes Energy Shortages Across Southeast Europe

    • Date: 09/02/17
    • Bloomberg

    As freezing weather triggered energy shortages across southeast Europe at the start of the year, Bulgaria’s refusal to export power was typical in a region where everyone had to fend for themselves. Nations from Greece to Hungary hoarded power last month in response to the coldest winter in a decade, exposing the weakness of the region’s power […]

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  • U.S. Oil Output Heads To 48-Year High As Shale Boom Resumes

    • Date: 08/02/17
    • Bloomberg

    The U.S. will pump the most crude next year since 1970 as domestic producers benefit from OPEC supply cuts. Domestic output will average 9.53 million barrels a day in 2018, the Energy Information Administration said in its monthly Short-Term Energy Outlook released Tuesday. Shale explorers are benefiting from prices that rose above $50 a barrel […]

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