• As Subsidies Run Out, 5000 German Wind Farms Face Shutdown

    • Date: 12/06/20
    • Energie Zukunft

    At the end of this year, 5000 German wind farms are no longer eligible for any subsidies. They face shutdown and Germany faces the loss of considerable amounts of green electricity. The future of wind energy was already uncertain, now electricity prices have tanked due to the corona crisis. If the government does not intervene, […]

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  • Is A Shale Comeback On The Horizon?

    • Date: 12/06/20
    • Haley Zaremba, OilPrice.com

    “Shale’s not broke, shale’s not gone, shale will come back. But I do think it comes back slower and maybe not grow as dramatically as before.”  It’s been a tough year for U.S. shale. Even before the novel coronavirus pandemic pummeled oil markets, the shale revolution had been pronounced dead, with investors shying away from the Permian […]

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  • U.S. Shale Companies Are Turning the Oil Taps Back On

    • Date: 08/06/20
    • The Wall Street Journal

    As oil approaches $40 a barrel, companies are bringing wells back online, even as the market continues to recover from the demand drop caused by the coronavirus American oil producers are reopening the spigots, complicating the crude market’s recovery. Scores of shale drilling companies turned off wells to reduce output when U.S. oil prices fell […]

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  • Coal Power: Western Decline & The Rise Of Asia’s Tiger Economies

    • Date: 03/06/20
    • The Times

    The Covid-19 pandemic is hastening the decline of coal in Europe and America, but it could actually bolster use of the polluting fuel in China and other parts of Asia, industry experts have warned. Burning coal to generate electricity is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. The coronavirus outbreak has heralded dramatic changes […]

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  • Thanks to Asia, Coal Is Still King Worldwide

    • Date: 27/05/20
    • Mary Hutzler, Power Magazine

    Coal may be struggling in the U.S., but it’s still king worldwide, and likely to remain so with Asia as its primary customer. Despite the U.S. and Europe shuttering coal-fired power plants, coal remains a major fuel in global energy systems. In 2018, global coal demand rebounded and grew by 1.4% due to increased consumption in Asia, […]

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  • Conservative Council Borrowed £1 Billion From Taxpayers To Bet On British Sunshine

    • Date: 23/05/20
    • The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

    A major investigation has revealed how Thurrock Council got into more than £1billion in debt, borrowing the money from around 150 local authorities across the UK. But instead of funding council services, the council gambled at least £604million in solar farms located outside of the borough. Among Thurrock’s rundown council estates and neglected public parks, typical […]

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  • Giant Pumped Hydro Scheme Set to Destroy Australia’s Favourite National Park

    • Date: 21/05/20
    • Stop These Things

    Future generations will wonder why this one destroyed the planet, while claiming to save it, using completely useless industrial wind turbines and solar panels. Whether it’s dumping hundreds of thousands of toxic solar panels and windmill blades into landfill, or the toxic lakes in China where the rare earths are processed that make them, the so-called ‘green’ energy […]

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  • U.S. Shale Drillers Are Already Reopening Oil Wells, Pipe Giant Says

    • Date: 15/05/20
    • Bloomberg

    (Bloomberg) — Some drillers in the biggest North American oil field are reopening wells shut in response to the pandemic-driven price collapse, according to pipeline giant Energy Transfer LP. In the Permian Basin’s Midland region, about 8% of oil volumes that feed Energy Transfer’s pipe network had been shut at the start of the month, […]

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