• Green Nightmare: War On Coal Can’t Stop Fuel’s Enduring Demand

    • Date: 13/10/16
    • Ladka Mortkowitz Bauerova and Mathew Carr, Bloomberg

    You know the war on coal isn’t working when it’s up more than 50 percent this year. “The strength in coal is amazing,” said Trevor Sikorski, an analyst at Energy Aspects Ltd. in London. Prices in Europe and Asia have rebounded from a half-decade of declines after China cut domestic production so much that local consumers had to step […]

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  • Fracking Superpower: USA To Double the Shale Gas It Sends Overseas

    • Date: 13/10/16
    • Naureen Malik, Bloomberg

    The U.S. is set to double the volume of shale natural gas it’s sending abroad. Cheniere Energy Inc., which became the nation’s first and only exporter of shale gas in February, was cleared by U.S. regulators on Wednesday to start loading tankers with liquefied natural gas from a second plant at its landmark Sabine Pass […]

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  • Green Energy Investment Slumps In Worst Quarter Since 2013

    • Date: 10/10/16
    • Chris Martin, Bloomberg

    Global investment in clean energy fell to the lowest in more than three years as demand for new renewable energy sources slumped in China, Japan and Europe. Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Note: In this chart, asset finance is adjusted for re-invested equity. Third-quarter spending was $42.4 billion, down 43 percent from the same period […]

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  • Wind Farms Undermine Energy Security, Says Australian Prime Minister

    • Date: 08/10/16
    • Andrew Follett, The Daily Caller

    Wind turbines are wrecking Australia’s power grid and undermining its energy security, the country’s prime minister told state energy officials Friday. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull blamed South Australia’s state government for putting too much emphasis on generating electricity from wind farms, placing the country’s power grid and energy security at risk by “distorting the national energy market.” “This has […]

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  • Oil Forever? New Technological Breakthroughs Sweeping Oil Markets

    • Date: 01/10/16
    • Tracy Alloway, Bloomberg

    New technological breakthroughs are helping turn unprofitable wells into moneymakers and allowed companies to keep pumping even in the face of crude prices that have more than halved over the past three years. Last spring, Statoil ASA announced it had used the same oil well design and components to drill three reservoirs for the price […]

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  • OPEC ‘Truce’ May Jump-Start U.S. Fracking

    • Date: 30/09/16
    • Patti Domm, CNBC

    OPEC’s promised production deal will probably prop up oil prices, but it may also jump-start more U.S. shale drilling — which would go against the very reason the cartel started a price war in the first place.   Analysts at both Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citigroup pointed to the possibility that OPEC’s move toward […]

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  • Resilient U.S. Shale Firms Ready to Pump More Oil

    • Date: 28/09/16
    • Lynn Cook and Bradley Olson, The Wall Street Journal

    When oil prices began to plunge two years ago due to a global glut of crude, experts predicted U.S. shale producers would be the losers of the resulting shakeout. But the American companies that revolutionized the oil and gas business with hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are surviving the carnage largely unbowed.   Though the […]

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  • After Paris: Mexico To Open Its Shale Fields To U.S. Drillers Next Year

    • Date: 25/09/16
    • David Hunn, Houston Chronicle

    After years of delay, Mexico could open up its vast shale oil fields to U.S. drillers as soon as next year, the Mexican secretary of energy said Friday. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, speaking to energy executives, attorneys and academics at Rice University, said that the long-suspended auctions for northern Mexico’s shale fields could reopen after the […]

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