• Killing Biofuels

    • Date: 30/08/10

    Through generous subsidies from the US government, secured by corn-belt politicians, 25% of America’s corn (maize) crop is turned into ethanol for use in automobiles. Ignoring the negative impact this has on food production, agricultural runoff and land use, there is new talk of raising government mandated fuel mixture proportions to use even more ethanol. […]

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  • Climate-Control Failures May Send Coal Trading To Record

    • Date: 29/08/10

    Coal trading is poised to rise to an all-time high this year as prices at less than half their 2008 peak stoke demand, defying government efforts to phase out the most-polluting fossil fuel. The volume of coal derivatives bought and sold around the world may jump as much as 46 percent this year to 2.3 […]

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  • More North Sea Oil Than Thought?

    • Date: 28/08/10

    A major discovery of oil has been made in the North Sea, adding to optimism about the longevity of the UK’s seasoned oilfields. German firm Wintershall yesterday said the discovery, estimated at 60 to 100 million barrels, was made at its Blakeney well 150 miles east of Aberdeen. The discovery is sizeable in terms of […]

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  • Green Flop: Energy-Saving LEDs Will Not Save Energy, New Study

    • Date: 26/08/10

    Federal boffins in the States say that the brave new future in which today’s ‘leccy-guzzling lights are replaced by efficient LEDs may not, in fact, usher in massive energy savings. This is because, according to the scientists’ research, people are likely to use much more lighting as soon as this becomes practical. The greater scope […]

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  • U.S. Mounts Global Push For Shale Gas

    • Date: 25/08/10

    The United States has offered to help major economies such as China and India develop shale gas, a rapidly growing sector in North America which US officials bill as a clean alternative. Twenty nations held two days of talks in Washington in first-of-a-kind shale gas talks initiated by the United States, where some forecast that […]

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  • A New Gas Bubble Inflates Over Central and Eastern Europe

    • Date: 23/08/10

    The economies and citizens of emerging Europe can rest easy. As autumn approaches, another winter gas war between Russia and Ukraine is not looming over the region. For the first time in years, the outlook for energy supplies looks stable. And new drilling in countries such as Poland could even end the domination of Russia […]

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  • Has The Spark Gone Out Of Electric Cars?

    • Date: 22/08/10

    With petrol prices sky-high and the Government offering inducements to go green, electric cars are being championed as the future of motoring. But as David Rose reveals, their real cost could give us a nasty shock… The 2050 UK emissions target will, if adhered to, begin to change this, he adds. ‘To hit the 80-per-cent […]

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  • Renewables Investors Fear Withdrawal Of Subsidies

    • Date: 19/08/10

    European Governments Are Finding Themselves Forced to Scale Back Amid Budgetary Pressures and High Power Prices […] Spain saw a boom in photovoltaic installation in 2007 and 2008, before a regulatory change in September 2008 lowered subsidies for future installations. Capacity installed prior to this change receives a highly subsidized feed-in tariff of as much […]

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