• Russia Acknowledges Threat From Trump’s Energy Policy

    • Date: 14/01/17
    • Oksana Kobzeva , Reuters

    Russia’s Gazprom has acknowledged for the first time a threat to its dominant position in European gas market from an expected influx of liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced in the United States under Donald Trump’s administration. Gazprom, which supplies a third of Europe’s needs, had previously dismissed possible rivalry from the LNG exports from the United States, […]

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  • Oil Price Rise Falters As Doubts Emerge Over OPEC Cuts

    • Date: 14/01/17
    • Jillian Ambrose, The Daily Telegraph

    The oil market’s tentative recovery has hit a setback as niggling concerns over Opec’s plans to cut supply punctured growing market optimism. The market enjoyed its strongest rally in six weeks on Thursday, taking the price of Brent crude to almost $56.50 a barrel, but as market jitters re-emerged the price tumbled back over $1 […]

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  • U.S. Energy Outlook: Growing Output, Growing Security, Growing Fossil Fuels

    • Date: 12/01/17
    • Energy Tomorrow

    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, oil and gas will supply about 66 percent of the energy Americans use this year, but will grow to 68 percent in 2050. Sometime in the mid-2020s, U.S. energy officials project, two key lines measuring energy imports and exports will cross, and the United States will have achieved […]

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  • New Oil Drilling Technology Will Soon Spark An Explosion Of Oil

    • Date: 12/01/17
    • John Mauldin, Forbes

    Energy exploration and production is quickly becoming a technology-driven industry with the US as world leader. Energy stocks have been tearing higher since the election on bets that the Trump administration will relax environmental restrictions and open more federal lands to oil and gas drilling. Crude oil’s staying north of $50 hasn’t hurt, either. It […]

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  • How Obama Missed The Biggest Gift To American Energy Independence In History

    • Date: 08/01/17
    • Jack M. Mintz, Financial Post

    American energy independence will ultimately have a profound impact on world political developments. It’s too late to be Obama’s legacy, but it could become Trump’s. The most revolutionary change in modern energy markets has arguably been the growth in the extraction of shale gas and oil over the past decade. It has given the United […]

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  • U.S. Coal Exports Rising Again?

    • Date: 07/01/17
    • Platts

    US coal exports totaled 5.95 million mt in November, up 34.8% from the prior month and up 39.2% from the year-ago month, US Census data showed Friday. The month also showed the first significant US exports of bituminous coal to China since February 2014.  For overall US coal exports, November was the highest monthly total […]

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  • Reality Check: Solar Energy Is Always A Decade Away From Being Cheaper Than Coal

    • Date: 05/01/17
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    Every few years, analysts come out of the woodwork to predict energy produced by solar panels will become cheaper than coal on a global scale. This year, the research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) predicts “solar may be cheaper than using coal on average globally” by 2025. Solar prices have fallen 62 percent since 2009 and […]

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  • Exxon’s 2040 Outlook: Fossil Fuels Aren’t Going Anywhere

    • Date: 31/12/16
    • OilPrice

    The global energy mix will not look that much different for oil and gas in 2040, according to Exxon Mobil’s recently released 2017 Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040. Source: Exxon 2017 Outlook for Energy Both the middle class and world GDP is expected to double in the next 15 years, accelerating demand for […]

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