• Green Mega-Flop: German Failure On the Road To A Renewable Future

    • Date: 18/05/19
    • Der Spiegel

    The so-called Energiewende, the shift away from nuclear in favor of renewables, the greatest political project undertaken here since Germany’s reunification, is facing failure. The vision of the fantastic new world of the future was born eight years ago, on March 11, 2011, the day an earthquake-triggered tsunami damaged the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, […]

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  • Another Green Mega Flop: Tesla’s Solar Business Approaches Terminal Decline

    • Date: 16/05/19
    • Seeking Alpha

    In recent months the pattern of gradual decline in Tesla’s solar deployments gave way to an outright collapse. Elon Musk once contended that Tesla’s (TSLA) energy generation and storage business might one day dwarf its automotive manufacturing business. That prospect has proven increasingly fanciful with each passing quarter. We have tracked the declining fortunes of Tesla’s solar energy generation […]

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  • Green Flop: Falling Renewables Investment Stalls Paris Climate Goals

    • Date: 14/05/19
    • Financial Times

    The world is moving in the opposite direction of the Paris climate pact goals, with investment in renewable energy falling for the second consecutive year in 2018 and spending on fossil fuel extraction rising, the world’s energy watchdog has warned. Spending on renewable power such as wind, solar and biomass projects slipped 1 per cent […]

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  • Solar Farms Get Millions More in Taxpayer Handouts Than They Make Selling Electricity

    • Date: 13/05/19
    • Daily Mail

    Ten of UK’s biggest solar farms pocketed £3million plus in eco subsidies last year Total cost of providing subsidies to renewables market is estimated at £7billion The plants were encouraged to get off the ground with generous handouts  Britain’s biggest solar farms get more money in taxpayer subsidies than they make from selling the electricity […]

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  • German Onshore Wind ‘Collapse’ Jeopardises EU Climate Policy Goals

    • Date: 13/05/19
    • Energy Live News

    The “collapse” in the growth of onshore wind energy in Germany is jeopardising both the nation’s and the EU’s renewable energy targets. The warning comes from trade body WindEurope, which says Germany installed only 134MW of new onshore wind capacity in the first three months of 2019 – its worst first quarter since 2000. It estimates the country is […]

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  • Europe’s Dramatic Decline Of Renewable Energy Uptake

    • Date: 08/05/19
    • Ed Hoskins

    The rate of renewable energy installations in the EU in 2018 was less than half the maximum level achieved in 2010.  Both onshore Wind power and Solar PV are demising rapidly. In 2017 the EU28 represented only ~10% of the global CO2 emissions and power generation in the EU only accounted for about one quarter […]

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  • World Cools On Renewable Energy

    • Date: 06/05/19
    • The Economic Times

    There is bad news for the global renewable energy sector. After nearly two decades of strong annual growth, renewables around the world added as much net capacity in 2018 as they did in 2017, an unexpected flattening of growth trends that raises concerns about meeting long-term climate goals. 2018 was the first time since 2001 that growth in […]

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  • The Next ‘Ferrari of Shale’ May Be Located In Australia’s Outback

    • Date: 04/05/19
    • The Japan Times

    SYDNEY – In a corner of the Australian Outback, a drilling crew will soon try tapping shale rocks that could hold more than three times the world’s annual consumption of natural gas. Origin Energy Ltd. plans to drill two wells later this year in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin, after the local government ended a three-year […]

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