• Australian Power Bills Predicted To Soar This Summer

    • Date: 07/10/18
    • Stop These Things

    Power Surge: Weather Dependent Wind Power Means Massive Summertime Price Hike for South Australia South Australia is renowned for the world’s highest power prices and mass blackouts, thanks to its risible ‘reliance’ on sunshine and breezes. In Australia’s RE capital, sunset and massive, sudden and unpredictable collapses in wind power output not only result in mass […]

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  • Vestas To Lay Off 400 Workers In Europe As Wind Sector Declines

    • Date: 30/09/18
    • Financial Times

    Wind turbine maker Vestas is laying off 400 mostly white-collar employees in Europe, after a slowdown in onshore wind installations there hit the revenues of the Danish group. Vestas said the lay-offs, its biggest in five years and equivalent to 1.6 per cent of the workforce, would enable it to focus on faster-growing non-European markets, […]

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  • The Truth About Wind Energy: ‘The Readily Available Wind Power Capacity In Germany Is Less Than One Percent Of Installed Capacity’

    • Date: 28/09/18
    • Klaus Stratmann, Handelsblatt

    There are nearly 30.000 wind turbines in Germany. However, the latest figures prove that the available wind power capacity is negligible. Berlin — The numbers are impressive: according to the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), 29,900 wind turbines have been installed in Germany.  Their share in German electricity production amounts to a considerable 18.8 percent. Their installed capacity is 56,000 […]

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  • Green No More: Germany’s SPD Rejects Premature Date For Coal Exit

    • Date: 27/09/18
    • Deutsche Press Agentur

    Andrea Nahles, the leader of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) on Tuesday said that the government commission on phasing out coal should not set a date prematurely for the end of coal-fired power generation in Germany. At the Day of German Industry in Berlin, Nahles said a coal exit date is impossible without security of supply, […]

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  • NZ Windfarms Flop Because ‘Wind Flow Is Unpredictable’

    • Date: 26/09/18
    • Stuff

    The new chairman of NZ Windfarms says the company has reached a turning point where it must evaluate its future because of the unpredictability of wind power. Stuart Bauld spoke of the options as he also announced a $14m loss due to Vector selling its 22 per cent shareholding meaning Windfarms lost millions of dollars in tax benefits under continuity […]

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  • How ‘Green’ China Fooled The World: New Coal Boom Continues

    • Date: 25/09/18
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    China could add as much as 400 million tons of coal capacity over the next two years, according to analysts at the consulting firm Woods Mackenzie. That’s about a 10 percent increase in China’s coal production capacity, which is a stark contrast to the country’s talk about closing coal mines to reduce excess capacity and […]

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  • The Inconvenient Truth Of Rising Coal Prices

    • Date: 21/09/18
    • Tim Treadgold, Forbes

    Coal prices are not supposed to be rising as governments tighten environmental controls but that’s precisely what is happening at the premium end of the coal market where prices have soared. Over the past six months the price of top quality thermal coal exported from the Australian port of Newcastle has risen by 25% to […]

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  • Congrats To Renewable Energy – One Third Of US Households Struggle With Energy Bills

    • Date: 20/09/18
    • Tim Worstall, Continental Telegraph

    The US Energy Department has just released a report detailing how some one third of US households struggle to pay their energy bills. This isn’t as much of a surprise as we might think given that energy policy these past couple of decades has been to make energy more expensive. Without the costs of renewables […]

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