• New Brunswick Tories Say Election Will Be ‘A Referendum On Carbon Tax’

    • Date: 31/08/18
    • National Post

    New Brunswick’s Tory leader is aiming to make the federally mandated carbon tax the defining issue of the campaign for the Sept. 24 provincial election. “I think this election is going to be a referendum on carbon tax. There will be other issues but that certainly will be a main one,” Blaine Higgs said Tuesday. […]

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  • Forget The Greens: Report For French Govt Proposes New Nuclear Power Plants

    • Date: 30/08/18
    • Reuters

    PARIS (Reuters) – A report commissioned by France’s government proposed building five new nuclear reactors, Les Echos reported on Thursday, two days after Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot resigned and said that progress on goals such as a shift to renewable energy was too slow. The report, prepared for Hulot and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, […]

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  • Putin Urges Russia To Boost Coal, Energy Exports

    • Date: 28/08/18
    • Nasdaq

    President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Russian energy companies should expand their export infrastructure and seek new markets for their products, including coal, with China seen as particularly important. Speaking at a meeting with government officials and top managers of energy companies, Putin also said rivalry on global energy markets has heated up. “The […]

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  • Angela Merkel’s Economic Council Warns Against ‘Hasty Exit’ From Coal

    • Date: 24/08/18

    BERLIN —  The Christian Democrat’s Economic Council has warned that a rash exit from coal power could increase electricity prices and that Germany still needed the power plants. On the occasion of the meeting of the federal Government’s so-called coal commission on Thursday the CDU’s Economic Council warned against a “hasty exit” from the coal […]

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  • Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Climate Rules

    • Date: 22/08/18
    • Alex Guillén, Politico

    The Trump administration rolled out its proposal for gutting former President Barack Obama’s most sweeping climate change regulation Tuesday — a move that could also block any future Democratic president from trying to put it back together. The proposal from the EPA goes to the core of the criticisms that the coal industry and conservatives […]

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  • China Solar Industry Struggles Through Sudden Subsidy Cuts

    • Date: 22/08/18
    • Liu Bin, Climate Home News

    China’s solar manufacturers are unhappy with recent government policy changes that have put a brake on the sector. “We’ve already halted work on 11 megawatts of industrial and commercial distributed solar PV projects,” says the marketing director for one solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer in Guangdong province. “Without subsidies there’s no return on investment for […]

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  • Renewables: A Passing Fad?

    • Date: 21/08/18
    • Jonnie Bairstow, Energy Live News

    Purchasing managers are not convinced by green trend. More than a quarter of UK businesses believe renewable energy is just a fad. That’s the suggestion from Haven Power’s new survey of 1,000 energy decision makers across the country, which shows 27% think the push for clean power is a passing trend – the financial services […]

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  • Surge in Coal Use Scuttling Climate Change Efforts

    • Date: 20/08/18
    • Pratch Rujivanarom, The Nation

    A worldwide rebound in coal trading is disrupting efforts to mitigate global warming and prevent climate change. Energy analysts expect coal consumption in Southeast Asia and India to grow, as demand for the cheapest fuel is driving rapid economic expansion and offering big profits to investors in the electricity sector. Environmentalists across the world are […]

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