• Hopes For Climate Progress Falter With Coal Still King Across Asia

    • Date: 17/06/19
    • The Observer

    A depressing picture of global power generation has coal still firmly on top. And in a vicious cycle, the very heatwaves and winter freezes high carbon emissions cause seem to be increasing them The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund is preparing to leave fossil fuels behind. Last week, Norway’s parliament confirmed by unanimous vote that its […]

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  • Will Carbon Tax Bring Down Trudeau’s Government?

    • Date: 14/06/19
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    Majority of Canadian voters oppose Trudeau’s carbon tax. Rejection may decide elections in October 1) Majority Of Canadian Voters Oppose Trudeau’s Carbon Tax — May Decide Elections Many Canadian voters are motivated on the issue of the carbon tax but not necessarily in a way that benefits Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A new public opinion […]

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  • The World Returns To Coal

    • Date: 13/06/19
    • Graham Lloyd, The Australian

    Global coal production (up 4.3 per cent) and consumption (up 1.4 per cent) has increased at their fastest rate for five years. Average global greenhouse gas emissions are rising at double the rate of Australia’s, exposing the mismatch between the “hope and reality” of meeting Paris Agreement goals, a report has found. A major report […]

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  • Hydrogen Station Explodes, Toyota Halts Sales Of Fuel Cell Cars — Is This The End?

    • Date: 12/06/19
    • Electrek

    A hydrogen refueling station exploded in Norway on Monday and the company operating the station has suspended operation at its other locations following the explosion. Now, Toyota and Hyundai are both halting sales of fuel cell vehicles in the country. Does this spell the end of fuel cell hydrogen vehicles as a “zero-emission” alternative? The […]

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  • Energy Superpower USA: Shale Oil & Gas Hit Record Production Levels in 2018

    • Date: 12/06/19
    • The Wall Street Journal

    World-wide energy demand grew at its fastest rate since 2010 The shale revolution powered U.S. oil and gas production in 2018 to the largest annual increases ever recorded by any country, according to energy giant BP PLC . Surging global energy demand is fueling the production boom, even as oil and gas prices rise and economic growth slows, said […]

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  • Will Oil Price Crash To $40 Per Barrel?

    • Date: 11/06/19
    • OilPrice.com

    On Monday, officials from Saudi Arabia and Russia reportedly discussed a possible scenario in which oil prices crashed below $40 per barrel, a recognition that the market has rapidly deteriorated. They view that outcome as a possibility if they can’t agree on an extension. “Today there are big risks of oversupply,” Russian Energy Minister Alexander […]

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  • Cobalt: The Dark Side of Electric Vehicles

    • Date: 10/06/19
    • James Gordon, Raconteur

    An estimated 35,000 children work in perilous conditions to extract cobalt from the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So what will the impact be on these exploited workers from rapid advances in electric cars, which are heavily reliant on this conflict mineral? Yanick Kalumbu Tshiwengu, a former child miner from the Democratic Republic of […]

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  • Britain Imports Cheap Coal Power From Abroad

    • Date: 07/06/19
    • Power Engineering

    It would appear that Britain is simply importing coal power from abroad Between May 17-31, Britain saw its first two-week period without domestic coal-fired power stations generating electricity since the 1880s. However, modelling carried out by energy market data analyst EnAppSys shows that power generated from coal has been imported from abroad over the same period – […]

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