• Are Renewable Feed-in Tariffs Dead?

    • Date: 21/07/18
    • Dr John Constable: GWPF Energy Editor

    Feed-in Tariffs for renewable electricity have been a disaster wherever they have been tried, resulting in over-deployment ahead of the learning curve, and vast long-term cumulative subsidy liabilities. Germany and Spain are already desperately moving to extricate themselves. The United Kingdom has in the last few days confirmed the closure of its own scheme to […]

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  • Wind power has gone AWOL

    • Date: 19/07/18
    • Ciaran McGrath, Daily Express

    As Britain continues to swelter in the heat, the blades of country’s wind turbines are turning incredibly slowly in the face of a nationwide “wind drought” which has seen a dramatic drop in the amount of energy produced. New figures compiled by Imperial College London’s Rod Gross revealed July’s wind output was down by 40 […]

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  • Trump, NATO Summit Exposed Germany’s Energy Problem

    • Date: 16/07/18
    • Jude Clemente, Forbes

    The Germany, Russia + Putin, Trump, natural gas, and pipeline fiasco at the NATO summit has got all of us thinking. For decades now, the Russian bear has continually been sinking its mighty energy claws into Europe and Germany. Despite long promising to “get off Russian energy,” Gazprom sales to Europe hit an all time record last year, and Europe is […]

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  • Why The Future Of Energy Could Be U.S. Shale Gas

    • Date: 14/07/18
    • Bruce Blythe, Seeking Alpha

    As LNG produced and shipped out of the U.S. increasingly helps meet the world’s energy needs, a dynamic similar to that of the West Texas Intermediate crude oil’s role as a global benchmark is taking shape Geology dictates that crude oil and natural gas go hand-in-hand. Drill a well for one and there’s a good […]

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  • The Brexit White Paper and UK Energy and Climate Policy

    • Date: 13/07/18
    • Dr John Constable: GWPF Energy Editor

    To what degree after Brexit and under the government’s current plans will the UK be a “rule-taker” on energy and environment? A curious change in wording between the Chequers statement and the ensuing White Paper suggests that the government has left open the possibility that the UK would not only be committed to “current levels”, of […]

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  • The Shale Gas Revolution Is Just Getting Started

    • Date: 09/07/18
    • William Pentland, Forbes

    The shale gas revolution is turning ten years old and is apparently only just getting started. A new report by the business information provider IHS Markit traces the remarkable rise of the shale gas in the United States over the past decade and projects that natural gas production will grow by another 60% over the next 20 years. “To […]

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  • How Anti-Nuclear Activism And Regulation Screwed Up Nuclear Power

    • Date: 03/07/18
    • Ronald Bailey, Reason

    Half a century ago, nuclear power was on track to out-compete fossil fuels around the globe, which would have reduced the price of electricity, the amount of harmful air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with climate change. Then came a dramatic slowing of new construction and research into safer and more efficient nuclear reactors. […]

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  • War On Coal Is Becoming War On Natural Gas

    • Date: 02/07/18
    • Dan Eberhart, Forbes

    A few years ago is was coal vs natural gas. Today, a new front is opening between nuclear and natural gas. Is the reliability of our nation’s electric power grid threatened by the market-driven retirement of nuclear power facilities? Despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary, the answer according to a new report by […]

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