• The Reason Renewables Can’t Power Modern Civilization Is Because They Were Never Meant To

    • Date: 06/05/19
    • Michael Shellenberger, Forbes

    The transition to renewables is doomed because modern industrial peoples do not want, no matter how Romantic they are, to return to pre-modern life. Over the last decade, journalists have held up Germany’s renewables energy transition, the Energiewende, as an environmental model for the world.  “Many poor countries, once intent on building coal-fired power plants to […]

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  • While UK Government Kills Fracking, Saudi Arabia Sees Shale Gas as Kingdom’s Next Energy Bonanza

    • Date: 30/04/19
    • Bloomberg

    The world’s biggest oil exporter is ramping up efforts to develop natural gas with plans for a 15-fold boost in output from unconventional deposits of the fuel. Saudi Aramco is building facilities to tap shale gas in the kingdom’s oil-rich eastern region and is making “a lot of progress” toward this goal, Chief Executive Officer Amin […]

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  • Another socialist boom and bust in solar down under

    • Date: 25/04/19
    • Jo Nova & ABC News

    Behold, the Victorian Govt are proving yet again that Soviet-style electricity management can crush lives, hopes and wallets. The free market is never as cruel and destructive as one run on “good intentions” or the desire to win virtue-signaling fashion parades. The invisible hand of the market was replaced with Daniel Andrews whimsy. This might […]

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  • Fuel poverty and electricity policy costs

    • Date: 22/04/19
    • Dr John Constable, GWPF Energy Editor

    New analysis from the UK government shows that households are heating their houses less than is required to meet the levels thought necessary to deliver comfort and health. Those on lower incomes are “under-consuming” by a larger margin than those on higher incomes, with only the top richest decile consuming more than the estimated requirement. […]

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  • No more electricity for Germany

    • Date: 19/04/19
    • Holger Douglas, Tichys Einblick

    In a few years, Germany’s last coal and nuclear power plants shall be taken off the grid and shut down. Nobody knows where the electricity will then come from. One thing is certain: wind and sun won’t do it. The Wall Street Journal describes Germany’s phase-out of coal and nuclear power simply as “the stupidest […]

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  • The World Bank’s misguided green energy policies to persist

    • Date: 15/04/19
    • Tilak Doshi, Forbes

    In a news conference held on his first day in office, Malpass signaled no fundamental changes in the bank’s green energy priorities. President Trump’s nominee to head the World Bank, David Malpass, was formally approved by a unanimous vote of its board of executive directors last week. When Malpass, an outspoken critic of the bank, […]

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  • Increasing Electricity System Fragility in the UK

    • Date: 03/04/19
    • Dr John Constable, GWPF Energy Editor

    The UK’s electricity network is likely to become significantly weaker within five years, due to falling Short Circuit Levels that reduce the reliability of protection systems designed to limit the geographical extent of supply loss during a fault, and also make it more likely that asynchronous sources of electricity such as wind, solar and High […]

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  • Physics Reveals ‘Green’ Energy Sources Are Unrealistic And Unsustainable

    • Date: 31/03/19
    • The Federalist

    “You have to recognize what Mother Nature, the physics, permits and doesn’t permit.” Can existing “green” energy match the efficiency of fossil fuels? Mark P. Mills, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, shares his new report on The Federalist Radio Hour, where he examines the physics behind green energy proposals. Mills shows why the world is no […]

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