• Nigel Lawson Slams Greg Clark’s Energy Speech

    • Date: 28/11/18
    • Global Warming Policy Forum, Press Release

    The government’s response to the Helm Cost of Energy Review shows it is putting green ideology ahead of the welfare of families and the competitiveness of British business, Lord Lawson has warned. Thirteen months after publication of Dieter Helm’s Cost of Energy Review in October 2017, Greg Clark has at last responded by kicking all Helm’s recommendations into the […]

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  • How American Fracking Is Changing The World

    • Date: 27/11/18
    • Walter Russell Mead, The Wall Street Journal

    The most important news in world politics this month isn’t about diplomacy. Bigger than Brexit, more consequential than presidential tweetstorms, the American shale revolution is rapidly reshaping the global balance of power as energy prices plummet. Until recently, observers expected American energy production to reach a plateau. A lack of pipeline capacity was expected to […]

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  • How The Shale Revolution Overturned The Green Energy Agenda

    • Date: 26/11/18
    • Nick Butler, Financial Times

    To understand what has been happening it is instructive to compare the new IEA report with that published 10 years ago. Hydrocarbons — oil, gas and coal — accounted for 81 per cent of total global energy supply in 2008. The figure today is still 81 per cent and will decline only marginally over the […]

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  • Congratulations! Pro-Nuclear Activists Win Landslide Electoral Victory In Taiwan

    • Date: 25/11/18

    In a surprise victory, Taiwanese voters on Saturday decisively rejected the government’s phase-out of nuclear power, 59% to 41%. Pro-nuclear activists in Taiwan shouted and shed tears of joy at around 10:15 pm Taiwan time (9:15 am Eastern time) after it became clear that they had won the required five million votes to pass a […]

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  • Power-Hungry Asia Drives New Coal Boom

    • Date: 16/11/18
    • Jude Clemente, Forbes

    Even with the Paris climate accords signed in late-2015, global coal demand in 2017 rose for the first time in two years, as reported by the Paris-based International Energy Agency during its annual World Energy Outlook release week. Global coal use increased in 2017, despite claims it is “dying.” — DATA SOURCE: BP; JTC   We energy-saturated Westerners, of course, have a hard […]

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  • U.S. Shale Revolution & Free-Market Economics Dominate Oil Prices

    • Date: 14/11/18
    • Olivier Jakob, Financial Times

    Back in 2015, we coined the term “shale price band” to describe the economic reality of US crude oil production. Our theory is that the price of US crude in the era of shale oil, will stay in a price band between $40 a barrel and $60 a barrel. A price move below $40 a […]

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  • Green Activism Fuels A Bonanza In Coal Demand

    • Date: 13/11/18
    • Nick Cater, The Australian

    Unless the supply of coal is increased, the world’s poor will be trapped for even longer in poverty, burning kerosene, animal dung or whatever they can get their hands on. Industrial development will be constrained. Fewer goods and services will be purchased. The smug inner glow of virtue-seeking First World activists will hardly compensate for […]

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  • Book Review: A Delight, If You Like Horror Stories

    • Date: 12/11/18
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    Peter Henderson’s new book on the ecological impacts of different forms of energy generation is a series of horror stories, but a delight in many ways: a practical handbook  that reviews briefly, in clear and straightforward language, the environmental issues associated with keeping the lights on. Along the way, Henderson puts to bed the absurd […]

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