• Andrew Bolt: Hold The Scaremongers To Account

    • Date: 01/05/15
    • Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

    More, less, whatever. It’s global warming. Climate Council head Tim Flannery in 2005: Where does Sydney go for more water?… There’s only two years’ water supply in Warragamba Dam… If the computer models are right then drought conditions will become permanent in eastern Australia. Climate Council head Tim Flannery in 2007: So even the rain that […]

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  • Arctic Sea Ice Loss Likely To Be Reversible After All

    • Date: 29/04/15
    • Robert Monroe, Scripps News

    Scenarios of a sea ice tipping point leading to a permanently ice-free Arctic Ocean were based on oversimplified arguments New research by Till Wagner and Ian Eisenman, scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, resolves a long-running debate over irreversible Arctic sea ice loss. Ever since the striking record minimum Arctic sea ice […]

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  • Climate Sceptics Write Open Letter To Pope Fracis

    • Date: 28/04/15
    • Thomas Williams, Breitbart

    As the Vatican gears up for a high-level workshop on climate change this Tuesday, a group of 90 prominent scientists, religious leaders, and academics have written an open letter to Pope Francis, urging him to entertain the scientific and moral arguments against current climate change theories. The writers profess their appreciation for the Pope’s efforts on behalf […]

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  • Guardian Divestment Campaign Propping Up Fossil Fuel Shares

    • Date: 27/04/15
    • James Mackintosh, Financial Times

    The Guardian’s divestment campaign has lit a carbon-based bonfire under crude prices. This has been great for investors who didn’t follow the Guardian’s advice. Shares in oil and gas companies are up handily. You’ve got to hand it to Alan Rusbridger: he’s a great contrarian indicator. The editor of The Guardian launched his valedictory campaign to demand divestment […]

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  • Business Green & Fortunes Of Climate War

    • Date: 26/04/15
    • Ben Pile, Climate Resistance

    Many find James Murray’s words disgusting because his short-cut through the complexities of the world is so cheap. It makes instrumental use of other people’s suffering, to service a political agenda, and, in the case of Murray, a marketing opportunity. Over at Bishop Hill, Andrew Montford wonders, Is there a competition on to see who […]

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  • Seven Big Failed Environmentalist Predictions

    • Date: 25/04/15
    • Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

    I recently discussed what it would take to prove that global warming is actually occurring, that it is caused by humans, and that it will be catastrophic. But that’s not the full picture. To understand why so many of us are so skeptical about global warming, you have to understand the environmentalists’ larger track record: a long […]

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  • Warmists Who Denied The Pause Now Claim To Explain It

    • Date: 24/04/15
    • Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

    I guess just the acknowledgement is progress, but I do think Matthew England at least owes an apology. Matthew England contradicting former Senator Nick Minchin in April 2012:  NICK MINCHIN: …Basically we’ve had a plateauing of temperature rise. I mean we are in a warming phase. The world is either warming or cooling. It never […]

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  • On Earth Day, A Reality Check On The Future Of Fossil Fuels

    • Date: 22/04/15
    • Mark J. Perry, AEIdeas

    On Earth Day, let’s not forget to celebrate and appreciate the human resources — knowledge, ingenuity, know-how, creativity, “petropreneurship,” and imagination, i.e. the “instruction manuals” – that transform otherwise unusable resources like shale hydrocarbons into energy treasures that will power our economy for generations to come. On Earth Day, according to various advocates, “events are […]

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