• BP: China’s Coal Consumption & CO2 Emissions Did Not Fall Last Year

    • Date: 11/06/15
    • Carbon Counter

    Instead of falling by 3.5% as some have claimed, BP estimates that China’s coal consumption has actually increased last year. Similarly, BP estimates that China’s energy related CO2 emissions did not fall, but increased too. I wrote earlier in the week that we should be skeptical about China’s coal statistics. As Glen Peters has said, they are like a […]

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  • America Versus China: The New Reality Of Global Energy

    • Date: 09/06/15
    • Carbon Counter

    China has now passed America and is now the most physically important country on the planet. No other country has a more important influence on the biosphere, whether in terms of what we take from it or what we dump in to it. In 1999, the International Energy Agency produced its annual forecast of the future of […]

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  • G7 Business As Usual: ‘Decarbonisation by 2099’

    • Date: 08/06/15
    • Oliver Geden

    German policy wonk Oliver Geden sums  up the lame G7 climate statement in two tweets. Oliver Geden ‏@Oliver_Geden already in 2009 (L’Aquila summit), #G8 made similar announcement. How did it influence Copenhagen #climate summit?   Oliver Geden ‏@Oliver_Geden to sum up: #G7 repeating #UNFCCC + #IPCC language and promising to go carbon neutral by 2099 https://www.g7germany.de/Content/DE/_Anlagen/G8_G20/2015-06-08-g7-abschluss-eng.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=5 …

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  • Guess What? Europe Is Against Cheap Green Energy

    • Date: 07/06/15
    • Tim Worstall, Forbes

    How did we end up with an entire continent, the cradle of modern civilisation, adopting such an insane public policy? I mentioned earlier today that Europe’s trade policy on sugarappears to be a piece of monstrous idiocy. And yet now I find something even worse, evidence that the lunatics have escaped their asylum and have taken over […]

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  • Big Data Will Keep the Shale Boom Rolling

    • Date: 04/06/15
    • Richard Martin, MIT Review

    Don’t believe the doomsayers proclaiming the end of the shale oil boom. It’s just getting more efficient. The number of active oil rigs in the United States continued to fall in May, as low prices pushed oil companies to temporarily shut down some of their production facilities. Since the end of May 2014, the U.S. […]

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  • Why Skeptics Hate Climate Skeptics

    • Date: 04/06/15
    • Planning Engineer, Climate Etc.

    In recent years many “skeptics” have become vociferously critical of anyone who expresses any doubts toward any part of what they see as a climate consensus (both problems and cures). How did the skeptic community grow to take on this role? This is off-topic from my usual posting areas, but I have supported, participated in […]

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  • Global Polar Bear Population Size Is About 26,000 (20,000-32,000), Despite PBSG Waffling

    • Date: 01/06/15
    • Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science

    The IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group admits its global population estimate is simply a qualified guess with a large potential error.  So perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that for the purpose of comparing polar bears to other species of concern, the upper limit for polar bear numbers worldwide could be more than 30,000? See previous posts on this […]

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  • Is The Paris Climate Summit Doomed Before It Begins?

    • Date: 29/05/15
    • Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

    France is hosting a climate summit this December that’s been billed as the most important gathering on the issue yet, but the country’s leadership is apparently quite skeptical of the UN-led process. French president François Hollande recently expressed alarm at the pitiful participation rate among members who have been charged with submitting national climate action plans (just 37 […]

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