• Alaska’s Climate Scientists Tell Us The Rest Of The News, What Obama Forgot To Mention

    • Date: 13/09/15
    • Fabius Maximus blog

    Summary: Obama journeys to Alaska and says things. Our journalist-stenographers reprint this as news. They do not consult local experts, and so miss an important part of the story. This post gives you the rest of the news. The great oddity of the climate change campaign is the disinterest of journalists in reporting it well. […]

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  • Greenpeace Warns Of Ice Age Dangers

    • Date: 09/09/15
    • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

    Greenpeace are fond of telling us that the planet is going to fry because of our evil addiction to fossil fuels. How then to explain their submission to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which maintains a register of issues and potential problems with the nation’s nuclear waste repositories? The long-term effects of glaciation on repository safety could be […]

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  • Can We Trust The Statistics The EU Gives Us On Renewable Energy Targets?

    • Date: 07/09/15
    • Euan Mearns, Energy Matters

    This post examines EU renewable energy targets and how the various member states are doing in meeting the targets agreed for 2020. It has been found that the compliance data published by Eurostat do not agree with the raw Eurostat or BP statistics. On April 23, 2009 the European Parliament issued Directive 2009/28/EC, which committed the European Union […]

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  • Britain’s Damp Summer

    • Date: 07/09/15
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    You may have seen stories that this summer has been unusually wet in the UK. The truth is rather more mundane. Overall, this summer’s rainfall of 272mm has only been slightly above the long term average of 244mm, and ranks an unremarkable 31st wettest since 1910. The wettest summer on record was in 1912. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/summaries/datasets […]

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  • Russian Energy Boss Declares Opec’s ‘Golden Age’ Over

    • Date: 07/09/15
    • David Sheppard, Financial Times

    Russia will not work with Opec to curb a global oil glut even after prices hit the lowest level since the financial crisis last month, says the chief executive of Rosneft. The comments by Igor Sechin, a close ally of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, damp speculation that contacts between Moscow and Riyadh could yield […]

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  • Emma Thompson Recites Bizarre Poem On TV: Fossil Fuel Workers Are Basically Nazis

    • Date: 06/09/15
    • Guy Bentley, Daily Caller News, 2 September 2015

    Award-winning actress Emma Thompson recited a bizarre poem for news cameras Wednesday warning of an apocalyptic world of “liquefied slaughter” and melting ice caps all thanks to greedy fossil fuel companies. Attending a protest against Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic, Thompson indulged Sky News reporters with a poem written all by […]

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  • Steve McIntyre: The Ocean2K “Hockey Stick”

    • Date: 05/09/15
    • Steve McIntyre, Climate Audit

    The long-awaited (and long overdue) PAGES2K synthesis of 57 high-resolution ocean sediment series (OCEAN2K) was published a couple of weeks ago (see here here). Co-author Michael Evans’ announcement made the results sound like the latest and perhaps most dramatic Hockey Stick yet: Today, the Earth is warming about 20 times faster than it cooled during the past 1,800 […]

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  • How Baath Party’s Socialist Policies Exacerbated Syrian Drought

    • Date: 04/09/15
    • Jeannie Sowers et al., Footnote

    Rather than demonstrating that drought caused conflict, the Syrian tragedy highlights the capacity of political systems and economic policies to exacerbate vulnerability to environmental events. Focusing on external factors like climate change understates the responsibility of the former regime as well as then-fashionable development paradigms. One possibility is that environmental factors, particularly a long-lasting drought, […]

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