• How Reliable Are Britain’s Wind Farms?

    • Date: 29/07/15
    • Carbon Counter

    Britain’s energy system must account for the undeniable fact that wind farm output will regularly go close to zero.  According to the Telegraph website, Drax (the owner of Britain’s largest biomass power plant) has attacked wind and solar power for their lack of reliability. The Telegraph reports: Dorothy Thompson, Drax chief executive, said the UK’s wind and […]

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  • Big Survey Finds Only Minority Of Climate Scientists Agree With IPCC Keynote Statement

    • Date: 29/07/15
    • Fabius Maximus

    Summary: In February 2014 I examined surveys of climate scientists and found (as had others) that they showed broad agreement with the IPCC’s headline statement about warming since 1950. However time brings new research, such as a major survey that digs deeper and finds that only a minority of climate scientists agree with the full […]

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  • Trenberth On Hansen et al.: Too Much Speculation

    • Date: 25/07/15
    • Kevin Trenberth, The Conversation

    As a climate scientist, I find that the study from Hansen et al is provocative and intriguing. But it is rife with speculation and “what if” scenarios. There’s a new study that’s getting a fair amount of attention in the climate science community and the popular press. Published online in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, the […]

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  • Climate Summit Draft Document Still “Bewildering”

    • Date: 24/07/15
    • The American Interest

    Ah, the wages of the UN treaty process: The current text of the climate change accord being negotiated by ministers of 200 countries ahead of December’s much-anticipated Paris summit is a “bewildering” 85 pages of various options and special pleadings, according to sources. Reuters reports: The message from this week’s two-day gathering in Paris of […]

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  • Worst Ice Conditions In 20 Years Derail Arctic Global Warming Expedition

    • Date: 23/07/15
    • Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science

    “Heavy ice in Hudson Bay derails CCGS Amundsen’s research plans” – just in from the CBC (22 July 2015, via Twitchy). Worst ice in 20 years. [original caption for the above photo: “The CCGS Pierre Radisson escorts the oil tanker Havelstern to Iqaluit July 17. Tough ice conditions in area have delayed this summer’s annual resupply, and […]

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  • Green Industry Reacts With Shock And Anger To Renewable Energy Subsidy Cuts

    • Date: 22/07/15
    • Blue & Green Tomorrow

    Industry leaders and campaigners have reacted with shock and anger at Government plans to overhaul subsidy support for the renewable energy industry with a series of cuts and rule changes. RenewableUK, the trade association representing the wind, wave and tidal energy industries, has expressed dismay at the announcement by Energy Secretary Amber Rudd of fresh […]

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  • UK Climate Department Facing Up To 40% Budget Cut

    • Date: 21/07/15
    • renews

    The UK Treasury is asking all government departments, including the Department of Energy and Climate Change, to model cost reduction scenarios of 25% and 40% in real terms by 2019–20. The Treasury said as part of its 2015 spending review  that expenditure limits will be set for each department and annually managed expenditure will be […]

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  • UK Looks To Steer Green Energy Subsidies Towards Fracking

    • Date: 21/07/15
    • Click Green News

    The Government is looking at steering green subsidies for renewable energy towards the research and development of other low carbon technologies, including shale gas.  Energy Ministers are expected to announce tomorrow morning further cuts to the financial support it provides to the solar power industry following the planned withdrawal of cash backing for the onshore wind industry. […]

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