• Does The Royal Society No Longer Care For Its Reputation & Integrity?

    • Date: 17/10/15
    • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

    There is a man that the Royal Society has chosen to honour not once but twice: first with a Wolfson Merit Award, and second with his own volume of their flagship journal. This post is about that man. The man the Royal Society honoured not once but twice wrote a paper claiming that global warming […]

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  • Forget OPEC: Shale Gas Output Doubles In Texas

    • Date: 16/10/15
    • Harry Weber, Bloomberg

    The oiliest county in Texas has seen its new natural gas production capacity more than double as drillers home in on their most profitable acreage. The peak output rate from new gas wells in Karnes County has surged 134 percent since January, estimates from Drillinginfo show. The only other county in Texas’s Eagle Ford shale patch where […]

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  • Cardinal Pell Vs Pope Francis

    • Date: 14/10/15
    • Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

    Cardinal George Pell sent the Pope a public warning in July about his lurch to the Left: Cardinal George Pell has publicly criticised Pope Francis’ decision to place climate change at the top of the Catholic Church’s agenda. Cardinal Pell, a well-known climate change skeptic, told the Financial Times the church had “no particular expertise in […]

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  • One Swan Does Not A Winter Make!

    • Date: 13/10/15
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    We’ll have to wait and see whether Julia Slingo or the swan is correct. Whatever the case, you can bet your bottom dollar that global warming will be to blame! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/weather/11926752/Britain-faces-longest-winter-in-50-years-after-earliest-ever-arrival-of-Siberian-swan.html   From the Telegraph: Britain is facing its longest winter in 50 years after the earliest-ever arrival of a Siberian swan which traditionally heralds […]

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  • Has The BBC Banned All Non-Alarmist Views?

    • Date: 13/10/15
    • Peter Lilley, Bishop Hill

    Peter Lilley has issued the following press release. BBC PUTS IMPARTIALITY AT RISK BY ATTEMPTS TO CENSOR AND DISCREDIT MPs The BBC is undermining its reputation for impartiality by apologising for “giving a voice” to two MPs and by putting a ‘health warning’ on the BBC website casting doubt on their credibility – even though the accuracy […]

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  • Freeman Dyson On CO2 & Climate Change

    • Date: 12/10/15
    • The Register

    Interview The life of physicist Freeman Dyson spans advising bomber command in World War II, working at Princeton as a contemporary of Einstein, and providing advice to the US government on a wide range of scientific and technical issues. He is a rare public intellectual who writes prolifically for a wide audience. He has also campaigned […]

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  • Germany’s Green Folly Knows No Bounds

    • Date: 10/10/15
    • The American Interest

    It’s not easy implementing an ill-thought out policy. That’s the lesson Germany is being taught these days as it struggles to deal with the after effects of its ambitious and deeply flawed energiewende—its vaunted “green” energy transition. It’s a tricky task to somehow sell a nuclear phaseout as part of an eco-friendly energy policy, but […]

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  • New Paper: Weather Extremes Don’t Harm Insurance Companies

    • Date: 07/10/15
    • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

    With “Mystic” Mark Carney telling anyone who crosses his palm with silver (or, indeed, anyone who crosses his path) that the insurance industry is going to be sunk by climate change, it’s interesting to see what the empirical evidence has to say on the subject. By happy coincidence, Ross McKitrick has just published a paper […]

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