• Why Climate Scientists Fear The Media & The Truth

    • Date: 05/02/16
    • Craig D Idso, Cato at Liberty

    Ever wonder about the neutrality (or lack thereof) of scientists investigating the subject of global warming? Does it seem that far too many of them eagerly sound alarm bells when it comes to documenting and communicating the potential consequences of human-induced climate change to the public? Well, that little voice inside your head telling you […]

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  • Back To The Climate Panic Attacks

    • Date: 04/02/16
    • Tom Fuller, The Lukewarmer's Way

    It’s been clear for years that editors have decided that there is a hole in their publications that only a climate story can fill on a daily basis. Rain or shine there must be a story lamenting said rain or shine. Having worked in the journalism business on several occasions, I know only too well that […]

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  • Settled Scientists’ Settlement

    • Date: 04/02/16
    • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

    Sceptics have often pointed out that if the science of global warming is “settled” then it’s clearly not necessary to spend a fortune researching it. The government down under now seems to have taken this message on, announcing that jobs in the ocean/atmosphere divisions at CSIRO are to be slashed. Their reasoning could have come […]

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  • The Green Cars Crash

    • Date: 03/02/16
    • Jim Gorzelany, Forbes

    How quickly things can change. Once the darlings of the auto industry, recent auto show debuts and previews of high-mileage hybrid and plug-in electric cars are being met with a collective yawn in the wake of cheap (and getting cheaper) gasoline. Green car sales were down by around 16 percent last year and can be […]

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  • Studying The Heart Of El Niño, Where Its Weather Begins

    • Date: 03/02/16
    • Henry Fountain, The New York Times

    “Our strong suspicion is that our models have major errors in reproducing some of these [El Nino] responses,” he said. “The only way we can tell is by going out and doing observations.” A thousand miles south of Hawaii, the air at 45,000 feet above the equatorial Pacific was a shimmering gumbo of thick storm […]

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  • Shale Buoys American Oil Output

    • Date: 02/02/16
    • The American Interest

    America’s latest oil production numbers suggest shale producers are coping with cheap prices much better than expected. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently published November’s crude output numbers, and in that report there was something unexpected: Onshore output in Texas and North Dakota—two of the shale boom’s most productive regions—actually increased. Reutersreports: U.S. crude oil […]

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  • Violating The Norms And Ethos Of Science

    • Date: 01/02/16
    • Judith Curry, Climate Etc

    The Mertonian Norms of Science, introduced in 1942, describe “four sets of institutional imperatives [comprising] the ethos of modern science:” * Communalism all scientists should have equal access to scientific goods (intellectual property) and there should be a sense of common ownership in order to promote collective collaboration, secrecy is the opposite of this norm.  * Universalism all scientists […]

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  • Britain Doomed To Have An Energy Crisis Due To Climate Change Act

    • Date: 29/01/16
    • Ross Clark, The Spectator

    In 2007 Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive of EDF’s UK arm, made the now-infamous promise that by Christmas 2017 we would be cooking our turkeys using energy generated at Hinkley C nuclear power station. That has already been put back to well into the 2020s. But if you are making plans for Christmas 2025 it […]

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