• Doug Hoffman: Science Death Spiral?

    • Date: 20/05/16
    • Doug L Hoffman, The Resilient Earth

    The standards of science have been greatly degraded in modern times, to the point that many if not most scientific claims are suspect. Illustration by David Parkins/Nature Having brought mankind so far, has traditional science finally outlived its usefulness? Many seem to think so, finding the rules of the scientific method—the strict guidelines a researcher […]

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  • Twilight Of The Petrostate

    • Date: 19/05/16
    • Petr Aven, Vladimir Nazarov & Samvel Lazaryan, The National Interest

    About twenty countries around the world are dependent on a single number: the price of oil. Some, primarily Persian Gulf states, live entirely off their oil and gas wealth. They rely on crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products for 50 percent of their Gross Domestic Product and for 70-plus percent of their budget revenue. […]

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  • We Can’t Blame Climate Change For The Fort McMurray Fires

    • Date: 17/05/16
    • Blair King, Huffington Post

    Attributing the Canadian forest fire to climate change would mean advancing bad information over good. That can only increase the likelihood that policy-makers will make poor decisions which we can all agree is not something we want to see. Last week I wrote a piece on my personal blog titled: On forest fires climate activist […]

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  • Natural Gas — Not Renewables — Is Replacing Nuclear Power

    • Date: 16/05/16
    • James Conca, Forbes

    Across some parts of the country, nuclear power plants have been closing amid political pressure and warped financial markets, even though they contribute the overwhelming majority of their region’s clean power, and are the economic strength of their local economies. As an example, the sad and unnecessary closing of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station […]

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  • On Climate Change, Forest Fires And The Scientific Method

    • Date: 15/05/16
    • A Chemist in Langley

    In 2016 the science says that the net effect of climate change has been a decrease in fire season length and wetter than average conditions. These are not the conditions that enhance fire risk, they reduce fire risk. Forested area burned in Canada, 1918–2005 (dashed line); spring–summer PDO index, 1900–2005 (continuous line). Thick lines represent […]

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  • Battle Over Fracking Triggers Green Civil War

    • Date: 12/05/16
    • Andrew Follett, The Daily Caller

    The environmental benefits of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, are causing a split in the global green movement, according to an article published Wednesday in the progressive magazine Mother Jones. Anti-fracking environmentalists, led by 350.org, Greenpeace and The Sierra Club, claim that natural gas is actually accelerating global warming more than coal due to methane emissions, even […]

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  • As SolarCity Crashes, Is Elon Musk Overrated?

    • Date: 11/05/16
    • Ryan McQueeney, Nasdaq

    SolarCity is struggling. Tesla is struggling. Elon Musk is not the King Midas of making companies perfect. Musk’s magic can’t do everything anymore. Less than a week after another disappointing earnings report from Tesla Motors, Inc., for which Musk currently serves as chairman, reported a wider-than-expected Q1 loss , sending shares plummeting nearly 25%. With shares […]

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  • On Forest Fires Climate Activist Aren’t Just Insensitive, They Are Also Wrong

    • Date: 07/05/16
    • A Chemist in Langley

    My final word is for the activists who are seeking to take advantage of Albertans’ misfortunes to advance their political agendas. Not only have you shown yourselves to be callous and insensitive at a time where you could have been civilized and sensitive but you cannot even comfort yourself by hiding under the cloak of […]

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