• Delingpole: Boris Johnson’s Looming Wind Disaster

    • Date: 13/08/19
    • James Delingpole, Breitbart

    Boris Johnson’s government is shuffling towards a gigantic cliff edge which has nothing to do with Brexit. The looming disaster can be summed up in one word: renewables. The clue came in the form of the widespread power cuts that Britain experienced at the end of last week. A million people were affected, with rail services disrupted […]

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  • The Junk Science Behind the Anti-Birth Movement

    • Date: 12/08/19
    • James Woudhuysen, Spiked

    Harry and Meghan’s two-child pledge is based on some seriously dodgy assumptions.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have committed to having a maximum of two children because of the damage that having too many children apparently causes the planet. The couple is not alone. Climate activists in the BirthStrike movement have vowed to have no children at […]

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  • Overcoming Cargo Cult Science

    • Date: 12/08/19
    • David Chapman, Meaningness

    “Cargo cult science” performs rituals that imitate science, but are not science. “Doing what scientists do” is not doing science, and won’t deliver—just as “doing what a ground crew does” doesn’t bring planes. If you create a good enough airport—the cargo will come. What does it take for an individual to do innovative intellectual work, […]

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  • Donna Laframboise: Google, Groupthink & The Media

    • Date: 07/08/19
    • Donna Laframboise, No Frakking Consensus

    Making climate warriors look bad isn’t what North American journalists do. Two days ago I wrote about Google Camp, a secretive, high-security, annual extravaganza involving the hyper wealthy and the world famous. This year’s theme was climate change. Ironic, given that participants arrived aboard more than 100 private airplanes. While the UK press judged this event to be newsworthy, […]

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  • Dismantling Free Markets Won’t Solve Biodiversity Threat

    • Date: 07/08/19
    • Matt Ridley, HumanProgress

    Driven perhaps by envy at the attention that climate change is getting, and ambition to set up a great new intergovernmental body that can fly scientists to mega-conferences, biologists have gone into overdrive on the subject of biodiversity this week. They are right that there is a lot wrong with the world’s wildlife, that we […]

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  • Can Tesla Survive?

    • Date: 03/08/19
    • Seeking Alpha

    It should be quite clear by now that Tesla is structurally unprofitable as an automaker. It should be no secret by now that Tesla (TSLA) missed both its earnings and revenue estimates pretty badly. If you think the worst is over though, think again. Not only did the shareholder letter paint a disastrous picture of Q2, but […]

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  • Ruth Lea: Global Warming: The UK’s Expensive And Futile Gesture Politics

    • Date: 02/08/19
    • Ruth Lea, The Conservative Woman

    How have we got to where we are now? In recent notes for The Conservative Woman, I described the UK’s in effect unilateral zero emissions target as ‘futile gesture politics’, and concluded that international initiatives to ‘control’ climate change by curbing CO2 emissions cannot succeed. In this brief background piece I discuss the main policy developments behind our […]

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  • ‘Eco-Anxiety’: Vogue Advises Parents On Kids With Climate Change ‘Nightmares’

    • Date: 30/07/19
    • NewsBuster

    Vogue Magazine published a piece over the weekend detailing just how hard it can be for children to live in a world doomed by global warming. Talking about “eco-anxiety,” the article claimed that some children are dealing with debilitating fears of world-ending climate change.   Vogue tried to offer tips for parents trying to dispel such fears, […]

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