• Green Europe Lets Its Poor Freeze To Death

    • Date: 29/03/16
    • Pierre Gosselin, No Tricks Zone

    The poor are the real victims of Europe’s green energy drive: tens of thousands of deaths every year, millions losing their power. The latest story on “green energy” here at the German online FOCUS magazine website actually shocked me. Europe’s energy policy is, under the bottom line, costing the lives of tens of thousands of […]

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  • What Is Happening To Arctic Ice?

    • Date: 28/03/16
    • Ron Clutz, Science Matters

    Those saying Arctic ice would be a big loser in 2016 may have to eat crow. Yesterday NH ice extent grew dramatically to take a slight lead over the ten year average for day 84, and is 99% of 2016 maximum set on day 61. At 14.91 M km2 that is 330k km2 more than […]

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  • Guardian-Pachauri Scandal Deepens

    • Date: 27/03/16
    • Piyasree Dasgupta, Huffington Post India

    The Guardian seems to have chosen to ignore the response of the complainant in the Pachauri case. Her lawyer told John Vidal over email that not only did they have proof of Pachauri’s advances made via WhatsApp, SMS, and email, police have verified the IP addresses and mobile tower locations from which these messages have […]

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  • ‘Is The Guardian Mad?’: Twitter Scorns Sympathetic Report On RK Pachauri

    • Date: 27/03/16
    • Scroll India

    A report in The Observer, a sister daily of The Guardian, seemed to be an ‘apologia’ for the climate scientist who is facing sexual harassment charges. The British newspaper The Observer came under heavy criticism on social media on Sunday for its story that offers a sympathetic portrayal of RK Pachauri, the former director general […]

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  • Post-Modern Climate Science: Cherry-Picking One Hot Month

    • Date: 26/03/16
    • Jo Nova

    One hot month, caused by an El Nino and strap yourself in, glue on the Armageddon-helmet. Panic-now, Panic-later, Fear and Hellfire. The Mystical Sign has cometh… We can always rely on Peter Hannam of the Sydney Morning Herald to accidentally advertise the unscientific stars of the Climate Church. “Spike in global temperature fuels climate change […]

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  • Green Lobby Infiltrates Pension Funds

    • Date: 25/03/16
    • The American Interest

    The Manhattan Institute’s Steven Malanga has described the history of California’s major public pension fund as “a three-decade-long transformation from a prudently managed steward of workers’ pensions into a highly politicized advocate for special interests.” The latest evidence: The fund—which faces unfunded liabilities north of $100 billion, and rising—recently announced that it would require companies it invests in to signal […]

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  • More Alarmist Nonsense About El Niño Warming

    • Date: 23/03/16
    • Bob Tisdale, Climate Observations

    One wonders why NOAA’s scientists were “astonished” or consider the February 2016 uptick “staggering” and “astronomical” when the 2015/16 El Niño has been compared in strength to the 1997/98 El Niño for many months. In the post Alarmism Cranked Up to Absurd Level, we discussed the misleading media reports about the temporary February 2016 El Niño-related uptick in […]

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  • Britons Take The Mickey Out Of Climate Boaty McBoatface

    • Date: 21/03/16
    • Scott Hough, Inquisitr

    The #NameOurShip contest being held by the Natural Environment Research Council in the United Kingdom has caused the organization’s website to crash several times since its inception, after “RRS Boaty McBoatface” earned over 26,000 votes, earning the name the “most loved overall” designation by the event’s participants and seemingly, from organizers as well. The contest […]

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