• Failed Polar Bear Predictions Have Climate Change Community In A Panic

    • Date: 04/01/18
    • Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science

    Polar bear experts who falsely predicted that roughly 17,300 polar bears would be dead by now (given sea ice conditions since 2007) have realized their failure has not only kicked their own credibility to the curb, it has taken with it the reputations of their climate change colleagues. This has left many folks unhappy about the toppling […]

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  • 2018 Predictions: A (Satirical) View Of The Coming Year In Energy

    • Date: 03/01/18
    • Michael Lynch, Forbes

    Oil price will rise, numerous pundits will boast of their successful predictions, say OPEC is back in charge, heap scorn on oil price bears. Financial analysts declare that 90% of U.S. shale production is uneconomic. Greenpeace announces that wheat and corn were genetically modified by ancient farmers, should be banned. Rebels attack Nigerian oil pipelines […]

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  • 2017: Turning The Tide On Green Crap?

    • Date: 29/12/17
    • Ben Pile, Spiked Online

    Eco-miserabilism suffered some welcome setbacks this year. Nothing vexed greens across the world in 2017 more than Donald Trump’s inauguration. Before Trump, climate change seemed to have been cemented into American and global political life. It was central to President Obama’s global outlook. But at the same time, it had become a symbol of decadence […]

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  • Merry Crypto Climatecoin Christmas

    • Date: 23/12/17
    • Michael Kile, Quadrant Online

    You’ve heard of BitCoin, which few fully understand. Still, the buzz is huge, which means smart operators are hyping all manner of fresh offerings. Given the relationship between catastropharianism and other people’s money, the climateers were bound to get in on the act Forget Bitcoin and Dutch tulips. Ignore the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies out […]

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  • Francis Menton: U.S. Regains The Ability To Identify Real National Security Threats

    • Date: 20/12/17
    • Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian

    If the U.S. had shut down fracking over concerns about climate change it would have been dependent on OPEC and Russia like Europe and the UK are now. Maybe Donald Trump is just not your type of guy, and certainly not the guy you would want to be President; but keep in mind who was the […]

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  • Chinese Company Accused Of Running Empty Buses For Green Subsidies

    • Date: 13/12/17
    • Sixth Tone

    An electric bus that racks up 30,000 kilometers is eligible for up to $75,000 in government funds. A transport operator in northern China has been accused of running a fleet of empty electric buses to meet requirements for government subsidies, new media outlet Beijing Time reported Tuesday. Over a hundred passengerless coaches have taken to the streets […]

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  • Canadian Inuits: There May Be “Too Many Polar Bears Now”

    • Date: 12/12/17
    • Selwyn Duke, New American

    “There’s too many polar bears now.” This observation, which runs counter to the global-warming dogma that rising temperatures are decimating bear populations, was made by Eskimos — people who actually live among the bears. In fairness, this story has not been reported accurately: Many sources have emphasized how Canadian Eskimos have said there are more […]

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  • The Truth About That Dying Polar Bear

    • Date: 09/12/17
    • Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science

    This was one polar bear dying a gruesome death as happens in the wild all the time. If sea ice loss due to man-made global warming had been the culprit, this bear would not have been the only one starving: the landscape would have been littered with carcasses. Yet other bears around him did not starve and […]

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