• Willis Eschenbach: Chinese Sunspots

    • Date: 13/09/16
    • Willis Eschenbach, Watts Up With That

    I see that there is a new paper from China causing a great disturbance in the solar force … as discussed here on WUWT, the claim is that the El Nino Modoki Index, which is an index of sea surface temperatures, is significantly affected by some sunspot-related solar variable. The first problem with their study […]

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  • CO2 Scaremongering – Harder Now, and Riskier?

    • Date: 12/09/16
    • John Shade, Climate Scepticism

    Has this now very broad field of climate studies become that corrupt? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the answer turns out to be yes. […] A few days ago at Science Mag, a post notes the huge financial risks faced by universities in the States if their employees engage in scientific deceptions to obtain […]

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  • Is The Global Warming Debate Over?

    • Date: 09/09/16
    • John Hinderaker. Power Line

    One of the more laughable aspects of global warming alarmism is the constant claim that the debate about the hysterics’ claims is over. In fact, the Earth’s climate is so poorly understood that it is more accurate to say that the debate has barely begun. But there are some things we know. For example: the […]

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  • The Paris Nothingburger: Much Ado About Nothing Binding

    • Date: 06/09/16
    • The American Interest

    The U.S. completely hollowed out the Paris deal, making it an entirely aspirational affair. None of the goals it asks UN member states to set will be enforced in any real way. Over the holiday weekend, both the United States and China “ratified” the climate deal drawn up in Paris this past December, raising the hopes […]

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  • Climate Chicken Littles Choke On Record Wheat Crop

    • Date: 04/09/16
    • The American Interest

    A generation after leading scientists and experts warned the world of an escalating series of horrendous famines, the crop gluts continue. The latest kick in the pants to the Malthusian doomsayers is a bumper global wheat harvest. The FT reports: Extensive planting and benign weather have forced analysts to repeatedly raise crop outlooks. The International Grains Council last […]

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  • There’s Plenty That Could Go Wrong With The Paris Climate Agreement

    • Date: 01/09/16
    • The American Interest

    There’s plenty that could go wrong politically as countries try to gin up domestic support for the Paris deal. When weary delegates finally eked out a climate agreement in Paris last December, greens around the world hailed their efforts as a turning point in human history. But not only was the treaty agreed last year in […]

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  • A Brave New Epoch?

    • Date: 30/08/16
    • Doug L Hoffman, The Resilient Earth (December 2010)

    The Anthropocene, if it is ever recognized, will simply be the ruins of human hubris writ in stone. Once again, scientists propose that planet Earth has been so altered by human activity that we are entering a new geological time period—the Anthropocene. A viewpoint article by some stratigraphic heavy hitters, published [in 2010] in the journal […]

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  • Bad Bee Science And Activist Capture At The FT

    • Date: 28/08/16
    • David Zaruk, The Risk-Monger

    Hasn’t anyone in the media learnt the skew of this cynical game yet? Have journalists abandoned responsibility to side with the tawdristic tirades of the activists? Has everyone given up the “investigate, research and then report” practices that I used to teach journalism students (back when there used to be journalism students)? Are journalists now […]

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