• Low Auction Prices Increase Risk Wind Projects Will Not Be Realised, Wind Lobby Warns

    • Date: 22/11/17
    • Clean Energy Wire

    The price drop at the onshore wind auction is good news for consumers and policymakers, but they increase the risk that the construction of wind energy projects will fall off a cliff in 2019 and 2020 in Germany, according to the Wind Energy Association (BWE). Citizen cooperative projects successful in the auction bet on technologies that are […]

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  • Rep Lamar Smith: An MIT Study Linking Hurricane Harvey Rainfall To Climate Change Is Alarmist Bunk

    • Date: 21/11/17
    • Rep Lamar Smith, Daily Caller

    An article published last week by The Daily Caller, entitled “Here’s The Inconvenient Truth Behind MIT’s Study Linking Hurricane Harvey to Global Warming,” rightly exposes the major flaws in a newly-published Massachusetts Institute of Technology climate change study. The MIT study attempts to attribute rainfall during Hurricane Harvey to climate change. As expected, media outlets […]

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  • Climate Hypocrite President Macron Sucking Coal Power from Britain

    • Date: 19/11/17
    • Eric Worrall, Watts Up With That

    According to The Guardian, a temporary shortage of nuclear power in France forced France to buy substantial amounts of “dirty” coal power from Britain – right at the time French President Macron was taunting President Trump, and pushing for climate trade tariffs against countries which do not share the EU’s “climate values”. Polluting UK coal plants […]

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  • Map Of Climate Shame Reveals Most Of The World Doesn’t Fight Climate Change

    • Date: 15/11/17
    • Jo Nova

    With the Bonn UN Climate Junket in its last days, the big leaders are coming in, and the ambit claims are coming out. The Climate Action Network or CAN have published a glossy report that shows just what a failure Paris was. All the red countries are pretending to do something but scoring terribly. Grey countries are […]

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  • The Fuzziness Of The Paris Climate Targets

    • Date: 12/11/17
    • John McLean, Melbourne, Australia

    Governments that signed the Paris Climate Agreement and committed to making payments to the Green Climate Fund have done so at their own peril.  The absence of key data, methods of calculation and key thresholds regarding future temperature means that the potential for further financial liabilities is very significant. On Tuesday, November 7, Syria announced its […]

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  • Tesla Approaches Terminal Decline

    • Date: 12/11/17
    • Seeking Alpha

    Financial performance deteriorates – structural unprofitability likely. Most cash raised recently is already burnt – next equity sale looms. Here we are, seven months later, and Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) financial performance deteriorates at an alarming rate. Bearish macro scenarios, always just around the corner since 2011, refuse to play out and Queen TINA and King FOMO […]

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  • GWPF Podcast: Rupert Darwall’s New Book On Green Tyranny

    • Date: 08/11/17
    • GWPF Podcast

    Benny Peiser interviews Rupert Darwall about his new book, ‘Green Tyranny: Exposing the Totalitarian Roots of the Climate Industrial Complex’. Listen here

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  • GWPF Podcast: David Whitehouse & Benny Peiser Discuss Climate Science

    • Date: 07/11/17
    • GWPF Podcast
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