• Data Analyses Show Rapid Global Surface Cooling, Growing Arctic Ice Thickness

    • Date: 08/05/17
    • P Gosselin, No Tricks Zone

    Analyses show that global temperatures continue their rapid cooling trend, as Schneefan here writes. What follows are excerpts of his recent comprehensive analysis. The cooling comes naturally in the wake of the moderate La Nina conditions that have ruled over the past months. In April surface temperatures 2 meters above the ground plummeted as the following […]

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  • Today In The Annals Of Science

    • Date: 05/05/17
    • Power Line

    The science community, if such as thing can be said to exist as a singular entity, wonders why public regard for science has slipped. Maybe it has to do with stories like this, included in this week’s Nature magazine news roundup: Controversial microplastics study to be retracted The authors of a high-profile paper about the […]

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  • Arctic Defies Alarmist Hype

    • Date: 04/05/17
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    We have had countless news stories over the winter about heatwaves in the Arctic and record ice melt. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Arctic sea ice is just where it has been for the last few years. http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icecover.uk.php Average April ice extent has now been stable since 2004. http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icecover_30y.uk.php Most of the Arctic basin […]

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  • The Legal and Economic Case Against the Paris Climate Treaty

    • Date: 03/05/17
    • Christopher C. Horner, Marlo Lewis, Jr. CEI

    Canceling U.S. Participation Protects Competitiveness and the Constitution President Trump should keep his two-part campaign promise to cancel U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments to United Nations global warming programs. The Paris Agreement is a costly and ineffectual solution to the alleged climate crisis. It is also plainly a treaty, […]

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  • Top Think Tanks Call For Reset Of UK Energy Policy

    • Date: 29/04/17
    • Institute of Economic Affairs, TaxPayers’ Alliance, Global Warming Policy Forum, Civitas

    Brexit and the election provide a major opportunity to reset energy policy, but what we’ve heard so far has not been encouraging. Capping prices for some consumers will lead to higher costs for others, discourage much-needed investment, and reduce competition. Government intervention has already contributed significantly to higher energy bills. The principal culprit is the Climate Change Act, which forces […]

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  • The Shale Revolution Crushes Wind And Solar

    • Date: 28/04/17
    • Mark P. Mills, RealClearEnergy

    Wind and solar are now experiencing a declining rate of improvement as those technologies start to approach their limits in terms of what physics permits. Shale technology is a long way from its physics limits.  In fact, the shale industry is at the beginning of what I’ve earlier termed Shale 2.0. The Promethean task of supplying […]

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  • Sea Ice Off Newfoundland Thickest In Living Memory

    • Date: 23/04/17
    • Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science

    Amid reports that ice conditions between Newfoundland and southern Labrador are the worst in living memory, another polar bear was reported ashore in the area — just after biologist Andrew Derocher explained to the CBC that bears only come on land when sea ice conditions “fail.” “Ice too thick for coast guard’s heavy icebreaker” said a 20 April […]

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  • Welcome to Green Energy Poverty Week

    • Date: 21/04/17
    • Jazz Shaw, Hot Air

    The real killer stalking the world these days isn’t climate… it’s poverty. Friday is Earth Day for the left and you’ll hear no end of crowing about it. Not by accident, it also coincides with the day that the Paris Climate Agreement supposedly goes into effect. This plan, which President Obama signed onto in a non-binding […]

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