• Everything Important In Life Involves Tradeoffs

    • Date: 17/05/20
    • Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian

    One of the fallacies of progressivism that I frequently mock at this blog is the proposition that the government can operate without having to make meaningful tradeoffs of one goal or value versus another. This fallacy appears, for example, in the illusion of infinite resources in the hands of the government. As individuals we all […]

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  • Ben Pile: Covid-19 Is A Frightening Dress Rehearsal Of The Climate Agenda

    • Date: 12/05/20
    • Ben Pile, Spiked

    If there is a term for this political order designed by institutional science, remote technocrats, idiot green journalists and vapid politicians, it is eco-feudalism. The pandemic is being used to advance the ‘transition’ to this new political order. Months into the pandemic and many unknowns still cloud our understanding of the virus. The basic parameters […]

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  • The Coming Oil Boom

    • Date: 10/05/20
    • The Washington Examiner

    If history is a guide, an oil price boom is coming after the pandemic-generated crash. While the near-term demand picture is highly uncertain, as people reconsider their travel and work habits, this latest bust, the worst of them all, is unlikely to hasten the demise of oil. “The only way to get away from the […]

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  • Predictive Models Dominate Our Lives — Not Always For The Better

    • Date: 07/05/20
    • Merrill Matthews, The Hill

    The vast majority of Americans are completely unaware of how much models that predict the future of the economy and the climate – and now disease – dominate our lives. There’s no escaping their reach. Those models drive many of our public policy debates and much of the major legislation passed by Congress.  That might […]

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  • Green Energy Prof Faces $1 Million Legal Fee Over Failed Attempt To Silence His Critics

    • Date: 01/05/20
    • Robert Bryce, Forbes

    Attempting to shut down debate and demonizing the opposition is one of the hallmarks of the all-renewable-energy tribe. Last week, anti-hydrocarbon activist and documentary maker Josh Fox — along with Stanford professor Mark Jacobson, Penn State climatologist Michael Mann, and several others — succeeded in briefly getting Michael Moore’s new documentary, Planet of the Humans, taken […]

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  • Civil War On The Left: Michael Moore Against The Greens

    • Date: 28/04/20
    • Steven Hayward, PowerLine

    Moore’s film not only exposes the green energy frauds, but reveals all too plainly the greens’ latent misanthropy. As John has already noted, the environmental left (aka, “the left”) is losing its lunch about the new Michael Moore-produced documentary “Planet of the Humans.” I have seen the the whole thing, and you might want to take […]

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  • Simon Abundance Index Confirms Julian Simon: Basic Commodities Much More Abundant Than 40 Years Ago

    • Date: 25/04/20
    • Human Progress

    The Earth was 570.9 percent more abundant in 2019 than it was in 1980 Introduction: Last year saw the mainstreaming of a Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (Vhemt). According to its American founder who goes by Les U. Knight, “I’ve seen more and more articles about people choosing to remain child-free or to not add more to […]

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  • Earth Day At 50: A Reassessment

    • Date: 23/04/20
    • Ronald Bailey, Reason online

    Half a century later, a look back at the forecasters who got the future wrong—and one who got it right About 20 million Americans turned out for the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. Lectures and rallies took place at more than 2,000 college campuses, 10,000 elementary and high schools, and thousands of other […]

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