• GWPF Podcast: Rupert Darwall’s New Book On Green Tyranny

    • Date: 08/11/17
    • GWPF Podcast

    Benny Peiser interviews Rupert Darwall about his new book, ‘Green Tyranny: Exposing the Totalitarian Roots of the Climate Industrial Complex’. Listen here

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  • GWPF Podcast: David Whitehouse & Benny Peiser Discuss Climate Science

    • Date: 07/11/17
    • GWPF Podcast
  • Wind Energy Stocks Fall After Republicans Propose To Axe Subsidies

    • Date: 05/11/17
    • Fortune

    The share prices of the world’s two biggest wind turbine manufacturers have fallen after the U.S. House of Representatives proposed whipping away tax credits for renewable energy in order to pay for tax cuts elsewhere. Thursday’s tax reform bill maintains tax breaks for fossil fuel, but removes a $7,500 credit for electric cars and cuts the benefit from […]

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  • How Germany’s Energiewende Is Destroying Wildlife And Forests

    • Date: 03/11/17
    • GWPF TV

    An interview with Michael Miersch from the German Wildlife Foundation  

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  • Tesla’s Nightmare Before Christmas

    • Date: 02/11/17
    • Bloomberg

    It looks like Elon Musk just canceled Thanksgiving and probably Christmas, too — if you work at Tesla Inc., anyway. The electric-vehicle-cum-battery-cum-solar-equipment company Musk heads reported third-quarter results on Wednesday evening. Tesla missed earnings forecasts by a mile. But that number, never a huge concern, mattered even less this time around. It’s cash and cars — specifically […]

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  • Russia Warns It Won’t Ratify Paris Agreement Unless Western Sanctions Are Lifted

    • Date: 31/10/17
    • Voice of Vietnam

    Russian ratification of the Paris climate agreement is conditional on the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia. The Russian government adviser on environmental issues issued this statement just days before the next UN Climate Conference takes place in Bonn early next week. Moscow is reluctant to ratify the Paris deal because of pressure on the […]

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  • Global Temperatures Continue To Drop Back To Pre-El-Nino Levels

    • Date: 30/10/17
    • Clive Best

    The HadCRUT4.5 temperature anomaly for September calculated by spherical triangulation is 0.54C, a fall of 0.17C since August. Temperatures have seemingly returned to a long trend after the 2016 El Nino. Monthly temperature anomalies for HadCRUT4.5 (HadSST3 and CRUTEM4.6 stations data) calculated by spherical triangulation method. Full post HadCRUT4 global temperature for September 2017 is 0.56 deg […]

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  • Green Madness: Germans Are Getting Paid To Leave The Lights On All Day

    • Date: 28/10/17
    • Daily Caller

    Germans may get paid to use as much electricity as they can Sunday as Germany’s utility companies try to drain power from the grid to deal with a spike in wind energy production. Wind turbines across the country are expected to produce 39,190 megawatts of electricity at 7 a.m. Sunday, a new record. That level of output […]

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