• Global Temperatures Continue To Drop Back To Pre-El-Nino Levels

    • Date: 30/10/17
    • Clive Best

    The HadCRUT4.5 temperature anomaly for September calculated by spherical triangulation is 0.54C, a fall of 0.17C since August. Temperatures have seemingly returned to a long trend after the 2016 El Nino. Monthly temperature anomalies for HadCRUT4.5 (HadSST3 and CRUTEM4.6 stations data) calculated by spherical triangulation method. Full post HadCRUT4 global temperature for September 2017 is 0.56 deg […]

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  • Green Madness: Germans Are Getting Paid To Leave The Lights On All Day

    • Date: 28/10/17
    • Daily Caller

    Germans may get paid to use as much electricity as they can Sunday as Germany’s utility companies try to drain power from the grid to deal with a spike in wind energy production. Wind turbines across the country are expected to produce 39,190 megawatts of electricity at 7 a.m. Sunday, a new record. That level of output […]

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  • German Coalition Talks Stumble On Migration And Energy

    • Date: 27/10/17
    • Reuters

    Three German parties resigned themselves to further talks next week to try to form a new coalition after making little progress on Thursday in bridging deep divisions on immigration and climate policy. Chancellor Angela Merkel is trying to unite her divided conservative alliance, which suffered bruising losses in a national election last month, in a […]

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  • Glyphosate in the Age of Stupid

    • Date: 25/10/17
    • Risk Monger

    We are living in the Age of Stupid. Social media has built walls around communities of shared ideals (tribes) that confirm people’s thinking and attack, ban or systematically repudiate people with differing ideas. The EU glyphosate debate has become absurd and beyond any rational perspective. I keep having to remind myself of some basic points: Glyphosate […]

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  • Bill (The-End-Is) Nye: “I Am A Failure”

    • Date: 24/10/17
    • Eric Worrall, Watts Up With That

    Bill Nye seems to think he has failed to reach people with his demand for urgent action on climate change, but he blames others for creating the conditions which led to his failure. Bill Nye on his climate change education efforts: “I am a failure” “The Science Guy” looks back on his 1990s TV show, […]

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  • The Third World Is Coming Around Fast On The Climate Scam

    • Date: 21/10/17
    • Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian

    Something rather big has changed since 2013: rapidly increasing numbers of people, and even government officials, in the developing world have come to the realization that poor people are entitled to get access to cheap and reliable electricity, and that the only way they are going to get it is by using fossil fuels, mostly […]

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  • Green Crap: Another Solar Subsidy Business Goes Bust

    • Date: 20/10/17
    • Associated Press

    A green energy company heavily incentivized by Mississippi is shutting down, raising questions about whether the state will get repaid. It’s the fourth green subsidy company to go bust recently. Solar panel maker Stion notified the state Tuesday that it would close its Hattiesburg plant Dec. 13, laying off 137 employees. “Intense, non-market competition from foreign solar […]

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  • ‘Green’ Energy Fails Every Test

    • Date: 16/10/17
    • John Hinderacker, Power Line

    The sad story of Minnesota’s green energy failure is one that no doubt is being replicated around the country. And one of the ironies of green energy is that it is terrible for the environment. Liberals will tell you that Minnesota is one of the nation’s leaders in “green” energy, so its experience represents a […]

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