• Green Rent Seekers: ‘Nuclear Has No Chance In A Pure Marketplace Without A Carbon Tax’

    • Date: 08/06/10

    Two of the nation’s largest nuclear utilities are sounding a retreat from building new nuclear reactors in the near-term. In separate speeches Entergy CEO J. Wayne Leonard and Exelon CEO John Rowe said they do not want to take the risk of building new reactors. They cite the low price of natural gas, the lack […]

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  • The Most Useful Man Who Ever Lived

    • Date: 04/06/10

    […] James Watt’s life, from this perspective, is a synecdoche — a stand-in for the whole era of perpetual innovation known as the Industrial Revolution. His modest circumstances at birth, his apprenticeship and training in mathematics outside the traditional universities, his enormous success as an artisan-scientist-entrepreneur, and even his membership in the famous Lunar Society […]

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  • Steve McIntyre: East Anglia Learns Nothing

    • Date: 03/06/10

    In breach of calls for openness and transparency in climate science, the University of East Anglia, together with Eugene Wahl and Caspar Amman, have refused to provide documents critical to the inquiry that Muir Russell should be undertaking.

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