• Steve McIntyre: More NOAA Disinformation and an Appeal to the UK ICO

    • Date: 13/03/11

    On March 9, 2011, NOAA scientist Eugene Wahl claimed that the “emails [he] deleted” were “all” “in the public domain” since the Climategate dossier was released. This is more disinformation from NOAA. “All” of the emails are not in the public domain. Attachments to the deleted emails – including Wahl’s changes to AR4 that are […]

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  • The Cost Of Running The World On Renewable Power

    • Date: 09/03/11

    Green advocates and climate change alarmists alike insist that the world shift to using only non-polluting, renewable energy sources, and the sooner the better. What is seldom mentioned is the enormous cost of retooling the world’s energy infrastructure to use intermittent, unreliable wind and solar energy. A recent two part paper, appearing in Energy Policy, makes […]

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  • Welcome To The New Green Dark Age

    • Date: 08/03/11

    People in the UK will soon have an exciting new game to play at home.  It’s called  “Powerless” and promises to be fun for the whole family. As Britain embraces the future of renewable energy, notably wind and solar, the boring old days of flipping a switch and being rewarded with instant, reliable energy are over. […]

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  • Perfectly Accurate UK Spring 2011 Weather Forecast

    • Date: 07/03/11

    Maurizio’s Office Initial Assessment of Risk for Spring 2011 This covers the months of March, April and May 2011, this will not be updated monthly through the spring given the nature of the computations. Temperature 3 in 10 chance of a mild start 4 in 10 chance of an average start 3 in 10 chance […]

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  • Global Average Temperature: What It Isn’t

    • Date: 06/03/11

    Word is going round that Richard Muller is leading a group of physicists, statisticians, and climatologists to re-estimate the yearly global average temperature, from which we can say such things like this year was warmer than last but not warmer than three years ago. Muller’s project is a good idea, and his named team are […]

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  • Disasters Caused By (Fear Of) Climate Change

    • Date: 04/03/11

    Climate change has caused incredible suffering already. Actually, climate change hasn’t done much, or perhaps anything at all (yet?). The reason for the “incredible suffering” has been the fear of climate change. For example: Billions of euros stolen from European citizens to give away free money to major polluters in the ETS scheme (not to mention […]

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  • ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Global Warming’

    • Date: 03/03/11

    Greenland and The Heretic are two very different plays, currently showing in London, that deal with climate change. The first has multiple strands from four authors, an ensemble cast and an all-singing, all-dancing visual style (sometimes literally). The second is the work of a single author, with a clear protagonist supported by just three other main […]

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  • Geologists: ‘We May Be Slowly Running Out Of Rocks’

    • Date: 02/03/11

    RALEIGH, NC—A coalition of geologists are challenging the way we look at global stone reserves, claiming that, unless smarter methods of preservation are developed, mankind will eventually run out of rocks. “If we do not stop using them up at our current rate, rocks as we know them will be a thing of the past,” […]

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