• Why Nature Can’t Be Trusted On Climate Change

    • Date: 03/12/10

    Do some of you remember Steig et al 2009, a pre-Climategate Nature cover story? Like so many Team efforts, it applied a little-known statistical method, the properties of which were poorly known, to supposedly derive an important empirical result. In the case of Steig et al 2009, the key empirical claim was that strong Antarctic […]

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  • Renewable Energy Policy Conundrum: Candlemakers’ Petition or Broken Windows Fallacy?

    • Date: 02/12/10

    From the industry newsletter Nucleonics Week (subscription required): Eight German municipal utilities have filed a complaint with the European Commission against lifetime extension for the country’s nuclear reactors, charging that it is anti-competitive and makes their investment in renewable energy unprofitable. On October 28 the lower house of Germnay’s parliament, the Bundestag, approved a bill with […]

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  • FOCUS: “Many Of The Widespread Horror Scenarios Are Baseless”

    • Date: 01/12/10

    I just picked up the new issue of FOCUS, out today, and read it. It’s an unmistakable departure from usual doom and catastropheism, which had generated so much of the fear and urgency needed to justify the rush to reckless policy making and profiteering. FOCUS shows that the urgency is undue and that it’s time to get back to […]

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  • Climate Change And The Economic Loss From Natural Disasters

    • Date: 30/11/10

    The LSE Grantham Institute, funded by Munich Re (whose global loss data is shown below), has published a new peer-reviewed paper on normalized global disaster losses. Eric Neumayer and Fabian Barthel, Normalizing economic loss from natural disasters: A global analysis, Global Environmental Change, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 18 November 2010, ISSN 0959-3780, DOI: […]

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  • The Poisonous Influence Of GuardianEco

    • Date: 29/11/10

    Interesting fact 1: when Bob Ward wrote his hit piece about me at the Guardian, the libellous bits – saying that I had a “history of making misleading statements” or whatever it was – were not written by Ward but were added by James Randerson, the editor at GuardianEco. Interesting fact 2: when the Guardian […]

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  • Donna Laframboise: Appalling Rhetoric From A Climate Skeptic

    • Date: 27/11/10

    I’ve never met Tim Ball, a retired climatology professor and vocal climate change skeptic. I think he comes across well in this video, and I’ve heard others say he’s a good and decent man. I must confess, though, that I stopped reading his regular posts at Canada Free Press some time ago because I consider his rhetoric […]

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  • Predictions Of Warm Winters Get Buried In Ice

    • Date: 25/11/10

    With the bitter cold and snowfall forecast for the days ahead in northern and central Europe, this winter is truly shaping up to be the 3rd consecutive hard winter to batter Europe with snow and cold. This of course all flies in the face of projections made 10 years ago and even less. I thought now […]

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  • Four Steps For A Climate Policy Beyond Scenarios And Fear

    • Date: 24/11/10

    Very interesting review by Tim Lewens in the London Review of Books with (explicit) reference to a “new” way to select a rational climate policy, beyond the usual soup of running scenarios designed to deal with worst-case and in general of applying the precautionary principle in order to stifle innovation and institutionalize killjoyfulness. In summary: We […]

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