• The Poisonous Influence Of GuardianEco

    • Date: 29/11/10

    Interesting fact 1: when Bob Ward wrote his hit piece about me at the Guardian, the libellous bits – saying that I had a “history of making misleading statements” or whatever it was – were not written by Ward but were added by James Randerson, the editor at GuardianEco. Interesting fact 2: when the Guardian […]

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  • Donna Laframboise: Appalling Rhetoric From A Climate Skeptic

    • Date: 27/11/10

    I’ve never met Tim Ball, a retired climatology professor and vocal climate change skeptic. I think he comes across well in this video, and I’ve heard others say he’s a good and decent man. I must confess, though, that I stopped reading his regular posts at Canada Free Press some time ago because I consider his rhetoric […]

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  • Predictions Of Warm Winters Get Buried In Ice

    • Date: 25/11/10

    With the bitter cold and snowfall forecast for the days ahead in northern and central Europe, this winter is truly shaping up to be the 3rd consecutive hard winter to batter Europe with snow and cold. This of course all flies in the face of projections made 10 years ago and even less. I thought now […]

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  • Four Steps For A Climate Policy Beyond Scenarios And Fear

    • Date: 24/11/10

    Very interesting review by Tim Lewens in the London Review of Books with (explicit) reference to a “new” way to select a rational climate policy, beyond the usual soup of running scenarios designed to deal with worst-case and in general of applying the precautionary principle in order to stifle innovation and institutionalize killjoyfulness. In summary: We […]

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  • Get Ready For The Next Round Of Climate Science Debate

    • Date: 22/11/10

    Last Wednesday, November 17, 2010, the Subcommittee on Energy & Environment of the Committee on Science and Technology of the U. S. House of Representatives held a hearing on climate change titled “A Rational Discussion of Climate Change: the Science, the Evidence, the Response.” In a clear deference to the incoming make-up of the House, there […]

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  • Climate Scepticism Coming To A Theatre Near You

    • Date: 19/11/10

    The issue of climate change is getting into the culture: London has seen three plays on the issue this year, and two more are on the way – Greenland and The Heretic. Since conflict is at the heart of drama, it’s not surprising, though nonetheless disappointing, that both are using climate change scepticism to make an impact […]

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  • Peak Oil Scare: Richard Branson’s Fear, Nigel Lawson’s History Lesson

    • Date: 18/11/10

    In February, a group of business leaders (including Richard Branson) came together to issue the government a warning: we’ve had the credit crisis, the next crisis will be a peak oil crisis. Their message to government was to stop listening to the over-exuberance of oil companies who promised great things from their upstream operations and start […]

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  • Richard Lambert: Stop Hyping Green Jobs

    • Date: 17/11/10

    The director general of the CBI, the British business lobby group, has been outlining this morning his vision of where exactly the UK business sector is in terms of meeting its climate change commitments. Speaking at the CBI’s climate change summit in London, Lambert made a fairly downbeat assessment of what has been achieved over […]

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