• Dear Climate Alarmists: Now That The Paris Accord Is Settled, Please Grow Up Or Shut Up

    • Date: 08/06/17
    • Daniel Payne, The Federalist

    Dear Climate Alarmists, We are exhausted. It is not easy to write a letter like this. But we, the non-alarmist community, could not put it off any longer. We have quite simply reached the end of our rope. There are things you have to hear, even if it’s painful to hear them. For the past […]

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  • Rigor Mortis: Wasted Billions On Sloppy Science

    • Date: 06/06/17
    • Anjana Ahuja, Financial Times

    A new book estimates that maybe half of the $30bn spent by US taxpayers on biomedical science goes on work that turns out to be wrong. Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris — sloppy science We live in a world with an awful lot of corners, the science writer Richard Harris wryly observes. We are told that […]

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  • Unblocked: Shale Oil Starts Flowing Through the Dakota Access Pipeline

    • Date: 05/06/17
    • The American Interest

    Just four months after President Trump gave the Dakota Access pipeline the green light, oil is flowing through the controversial piece of oil infrastructure. The WSJ reports: The Dakota Access Pipeline is part of a system that transports oil from the Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to a storage hub outside Patoka, Ill., […]

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  • Trump & The Markets: Why Are Investors Not Betting on Climate Change?

    • Date: 03/06/17
    • Scott Adams

    Did you notice the stock market rising sharply after President Trump announced he would pull out of the Paris Climate Accord and – according to CNN – destroy the entire planet? Markets are irrational, but still, it’s hard to reconcile a decision to destroy civilization with a rise in investor confidence. What should I make […]

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  • New York Times Peddles More Global Warming ‘Science’ Without Numbers

    • Date: 30/05/17
    • Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

    The New York Times may want to make Glacier National Park into a symbol of the impact of global warming, but they haven’t given us a single scientific reason to think this is actually true Recently, I noted the basic pattern of science reporting on global warming, particularly as practiced by The New York Times: […]

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  • “Super Storm Hits Britain” – Yes, It Rained A Bit Yesterday

    • Date: 30/05/17
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    It’s still silly season unfortunately!  Apparently we just had a “Super Storm” yesterday. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4551462/UK-weather-Britain-battered-thunderstorms-overnight.html There were certainly some thunderstorms, but nothing remotely unusual. It was so unremarkable that even the Met Office could not be bothered to mention it on their blog, something they regularly do when we get a bit of bad weather. Full […]

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  • Rex Tillerson: Dark Knight Of The Oil & Gas Lobby

    • Date: 30/05/17
    • William Kay, American Thinker

    Let’s cut to the chase.  The coal lobby and the natural gas lobby are dueling over the captain’s share of the U.S. electricity-generating market.  As The Donald would say, “The stakes are yuge.”  Americans spend almost $400 billion a year on electricity. As Trump agonizes over the Paris Accord, self-imposed deadlines sail by.  Escaping the […]

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  • Pope’s Climate Essay Won’t Convince Trump, It Didn’t Even Work On Catholics

    • Date: 27/05/17
    • George Marshall, Climate Home

    Pope’s encyclical on climate change appealed to liberals, but conservative Catholics were driven away by the values it invoked Following their tense and grumpy meeting this week the Pope cheekily presented Donald Trump with a parting gift: his 165-page Encyclical on Care for our Common Home, better known as Laudato Si, in which he outlines […]

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