• Big Sunspot Jump – Harbinger Of Coming Global Cooling?

    • Date: 18/10/14
    • Inform the Pundits

    Something unprecedented happened last month. With a burst of sunspot activity, Solar Cycle 24 now has the highest secondary peak compared to its first in the entire sunspot record. Cycle 24 continues to defy the experts. As the solar cycle progresses, it’s becoming clearer this late cycle explosion of activity most closely mimics conditions during […]

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  • Gallup Poll: U.S. Voters Rank ‘Climate Change’ Last

    • Date: 18/10/14
    • Jo Nova

    Despite rallies in New York, despite the relentless propaganda, the people just don’t seem to be scared anymore. In the latest Gallup Poll, Climate Change is ranked 13th out of 13 issues. As the strident messages of doom roll out, 60% of the public simply don’t believe what the professors are telling them. Science has lost a […]

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  • Royal Society Journal: Species Rediscovered, But Paper On Its Extinction Remains

    • Date: 17/10/14
    • Retraction Watch

    A few weeks ago, in Weekend Reads, we highlighted the story of a snail species, thought to have gone extinct thanks to global warming, that had been rediscovered. […] We asked Battarbee what the journal attributed the incorrect findings to if “neither misconduct nor honest error have been the cause:” The independent referees who peer-reviewed the […]

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  • The Green Blob Speaks

    • Date: 13/10/14
    • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

    The green blob has, after a short pause, issued its response to the news that Owen Paterson is about to issue a call for the Climate Change Act to be scrapped. In an article in the Guardian, Adam Vaughan has been around the usual suspects and has got the usual responses. Bryony Worthington, for example says […]

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  • Explosive Findings On Volcanoes’ Climate Influence

    • Date: 11/10/14
    • Patrick J Michaels and Paul C "Chip" Knappenberger, Cato at Liberty

    A new paper overturns old suppositions regarding volcanoes, tree-rings, and climate sensitivity. According to a 2012 press release accompanying a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience, a research team led by Penn State’s Dr. Michael Mann concluded that the cooling influence of historical volcanic eruptions was underrepresented by tree-ring reconstructions of the earth’s temperature. This, the press release went […]

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  • WWF Alarmism Raises Even Green Eyebrows

    • Date: 09/10/14
    • Ivo Vegter, Daiuly Maverick

    Even if the recent claim by the WWF, that the world’s animal population has declined by 52% since 1970s, were true, it would be a misleading statistic to report. Masters at fund-raising propaganda, the WWF turned out a gem of quotable nonsense. If there was a performance bonus for most-improved propaganda, surely the spin doctors […]

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  • Don’t Say Global Warming “Hiatus”

    • Date: 08/10/14
    • Matt Briggs

    Don’t say “pause”, either. What a mistake it is to use these words! There is no possible meaning of them which is sensible in the context of the (operationally defined) global temperature series. Look, sisters and brothers, if we (as in climate scientists) knew what the temperature was going to be, we would have been able […]

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  • African Countries Demand $7 Billion For Climate Fund By December

    • Date: 07/10/14
    • Sophie Yeo, Responding to Climate Change

    Rich nations have been warned that unless they cough up for the Green Climate Fund by December, chances of a UN climate deal in 2015 will be dead.  The 54-strong Africa Group wants to see US$ 7 billion by the time the next round of international climate talks start in Lima later this year, according […]

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