Camilla Salutes Global Warming

  • Date: 26/01/17
  • Valentine Low, The Times

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have been happily married for more than a decade, with signs of friction hardly ever surfacing in public. However, they may not see entirely eye to eye on global warming, one of the issues closest to the prince’s heart, if comments the duchess made yesterday are anything to go by.


At a reception for British winegrowers, she suggested that climate change may not be an entirely bad thing.

The duchess was addressing a reception at Clarence House marking the 50th anniversary of the UK Vineyards Association (UKVA). Praising the vision of the those who began producing wine half a century ago, she said: “We don’t exactly have the climate, or we didn’t then. I expect with global warming it’s going to get better and better and we are going to get better and better wine.”

This, clearly, was a state of affairs that met with her approval.

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