Davos Shocked: Bolsonaro Alarms Climate Activists With Pro-Business Speech

  • Date: 23/01/19
  • The Guardian

New Brazilian president highlights need to grow economy in Davos appearance

Brazil’s new rightwing president Jair Bolsonaro has prompted fresh alarm among environmentalists after stressing that protecting his country’s unique ecosystem has to be consistent with growing the economy.

In remarks that did little to assuage fears of the risks that a go-for-growth strategy would pose to the Amazon region, Bolsonaro used his first overseas trip since taking control at the start of the year to outline a strongly pro-business agenda.

Brazil’s new president brief speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos outlined a tax-cutting, privatisation agenda designed to reduce the size of the state and encourage entrepreneurialism.

“It is now our mission to make progress in harmonising environmental preservation and biodiversity with the much-needed economic development,” he said.

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