Australia: Blackouts Tipped To Spread Nationwide, Sparking Political Blame Game

  • Date: 09/02/17
  • New Daily

As Australia remains in the grip of a heatwave, the federal government has been warned of potential nationwide blackouts.

Power blackout Australia

Experts have warned of a nationwide power blackout if energy policies are not addressed.

The oppressive temperatures scorching much of Australia has already led to blackouts in South Australia, with the Coalition blaming the state’s energy shortfall on its reliance on renewable energy, sparking another fiery day in Parliament.

But according to the Australian Energy Council (AEC) the entire nation’s system needs an immediate upgrade saying energy reliability is not just a state issue.

“We’re seeing generators leave the market and we are not replacing them,” AEC chief executive officer Matthew Warren told ABC.

“If you keep doing that, you will have more blackouts.”

According to the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) forecast, load shedding could cause blackouts in New South Wales on Friday.

“A tightening supply/demand balance across South Australia and New South Wales over the coming days,” it said in a statement.

Mr Warren said South Australia was the first to experience the power outages, “but Victoria is next”.

“And if we don’t do anything about this, if we keep just doing nothing about energy policy … this will spread to New South Wales and Queensland and to the rest of the country,” he said.

On Wednesday night, Adelaide tipped over 42C as 90,000 homes and businesses had their power shut off for 45 minutes, in a process called load shedding, as electricity supply failed to meet demand.

What followed was a scolding attack on the South Australian government, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull blaming Labor’s “left ideological approach to power” for residents’ heatwave discomfort.

Then they have the biggest heatwave there is no wind and when there is no wind, all of their windmills are not generating electricity.

“That is a fact. Of course they want to blame it on everybody else.

“When they have the biggest heatwave there is no wind and when there is no wind, all of their windmills are not generating electricity.”

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