Good News: Indian Forest Cover Growing

  • Date: 02/12/09

Indian Express: Days ahead of the climate change summit in Copenhagen, where India will demand incentives for increasing forest cover, New Delhi on Monday came up with a comprehensive report that showed that its forest cover continued to grow and that it had the potential to become the largest carbon sink in the world.

The ‘India State of Forest Report 2009’, an exercise undertaken by the Forest Survey of India, shows that a total of 78.37 million hectares of land — or 23.84 per cent of the country’s geographical area — was under forest area in 2007. This was an increase of 0.18 million hectares, 0.23 per cent, over 2005.

From 1997 to 2007, India’s forest cover had grown by 3.13 million hectares, a rise of 4.75 per cent. Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh pointed out that while India’s forest cover had shown an average increase of 0.3 million hectares per year in the past one decade, countries like Brazil and Indonesia had seen their forests reduce at the rate of about 2.5 million hectares per year in the same period. Brazil and Indonesia have been pushing for monetary support for countries which reduce their deforestation as forests act as global carbon sinks. India has proposed similar compensation for increasing the forest cover.

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